I adore Greek mythology.

It is something I grew up reading, something which I still read now, and something I can see myself reading in the distant, distant future.

The tale of Hades and Persephone sparks my interest. As it has been told through the ages, Hades is portrayed as this huge antagonist; he is a kidnapping bard, a villain in every sense & the captor of sweet, innocent Persephone.

Beauty and the beast much?

According to the myth, Hades required a wife. A Queen. He spotted demi-goddess Persephone and thought “Yep, she’ll do.”

After kidnapping her and bringing her to his lair in the Underworld, Hades then tricked Persephone into eating seven pomegranate seeds. Et voila! Her fate was sealed; seven months a year {the Autumnal & Winter months} she would rule the Underworld by his side. Spring and Summer remained hers- she could return to the surface as she pleased.

Q. So, Hades, you bad man. Why would you do such a thing? Why would you be so cruel?

Seeds for thought.

How you are sorrow and misery,

my sweet spring sprig, Persephone.

How you are fraught, taut,

strict with disdain,

I know such scorn can’t be refrained.


The sallow sky dipped,

lucid and sweet.

And hum of life hushed,

trepid and meek.

Fresh hauls of yellow swayed soft

in mother’s grace

and there;

in such paint, such clarity,

it was then I first did see,

your sun drenched, sun blessed face.

And so begun this sordid chase.

Amidst the dwell of slate bluebells

and iris cranes of Latin names.

Amongst the lush green clearing,

hid within the forest sweeping

I did see;

one figure skimming.

Dancing, moving, giving.

One touch to spawn life from dust.

Light seemed to follow

caught with lust.


as you wove across

the bountied ground,

grand earthen crust.

And so now you see,


How could I not stretch

and seize and grasp to hold

a piece of life I’ve never known.

The kind of which I’d not been told

existed here where souls are sold.

How could I not crave to own,

a lashing of your harvest sown.

A snatch of white to hereby sign-

illuminate these caves of mine.

Deception yes, I fell unto,

a last resort in this pursuit.

Trickery I know to you

seems coarse,

and sharp and bitter too.

But you are loved,

a treasured find.


Two seasons mine.

A. Because you fell to the most human of emotions, maybe?


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