You see, I feel like there is some supernatrual force out there which has been trying to kill me over the last week.

Kill me, through my eating habits.

There was the strawberry I choked on, on Friday.

A strawberry you say? Yes! And it was scary, I tell you. I thought it was the end, that some poor beweildered soul would find me weeks from now, 100% deceased. I can see it oh so clearly.

My body not yet decomposed, eyes buldged, fingers stiffened, outstretched in a “Why like this?! Are you freaking kidding me?!” pose. And of course, one blasted strawberry lodged in my throat.

So there’s that, and then yesterday there was a second attempt on my life.

Caused by, ahem, myself.

I fumbled, because I’m a freaking clutz, and dropped a whole mug of scalding coffee on my lap.

Oh my. The pain. Words cannot even come close to capturing that agonizing moment the boiled liquid scorched my lap and charred my freaking skin.

What doesn’t help, {And feel free to Google too} is that every source found through my beloved, trusted Google- bupa, Nhs, etc etc have contradicting advice on how to treat a burn. Some say water, some say keep it dry, some say cover it up, others say let it air. Some say NO CREAM OR SALVE WHAT-SO-EVER. Others say CREAM OR SALVE IS VITAL.

So yes, those conflictions did not perk me up.

I probably did the wrong thing, which was to keep it damp with a towel and then slather what gel I had to hand over it- I don’t reccomend doing this, by the way. But after quite a few hours, it started to hurt less, and this morning the pain is gone unless I provoke the area by poking the skin or whatever.

However, my skin is red and some blisters are there, so I’m hoping that with my new Savlon advanced healing gel, it’ll go down in the next few days/weeks. As long as I can walk, and write without misplaced concerntration {Immediately after the accident there was a period of: Ouch! CAN’T WORK. TOO MUCH PAIN.}, I’ll deal with it.


Still alive. Bon. We’ll move on shall we?

This is my last week of Nottingham life before returning home for the Summer months. My lessons are over, my assignments handed in; I’m officially done as a second year student. Should this worry me? Should I feel a little streak of panic at the thought of next year being the last buffering zone standing between an educational environment and the real world? Probably.

To be honest, I’m looking forward to graduating and starting my working life. My course hasn’t provided as much stimulous as I’d like, and I find myself bored rather often- hence why I enjoy applying myself to assignments so much. I’m looking forward to the next phase of life; pushing myself along a career path and working my hiney off.

But to get to that point, I need to kick serious ass next year: Ze third year. And most importantly {although not soley} Ze third year project.

I’ll dedicate a post entirely to this in the near future so that I {and, of course, all of you!} can see what exactly my plans are from the get-go. But in the most basic of basic sentences; it is a poetry compilation with non-fiction components interweaved as appropriate.

I am looking very much forward to getting stuck into something, I love projects, and I especially love poetry projects!

So, that is all the musings I have to share this fine monday. But because I feel as though I’ve really said very little, here’s a picture of a flower.

I call him Mr Lion rose.


3 thoughts on “Monday musings: So I haven’t died.

  1. A strawberry is such an unconventional thing to choke on! Forgive me for giggling a little at that. Oh, leave a damp towel on the scald for about 15 minutes and that should help relieve the redness 🙂 … and try to keep yourself safer, too! Can’t risk losing a good poet, no way. *touch wood*

    1. Aha, I know! What a way to go!
      Ahh thank you! Yes, in the future, I am going to be way more careful with hot drinks. I think I need a sippy cup.

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