Polish candy brought back & given to me by my brother.

If you have one, you’re going to like this post.

I think it’s fair to say we all have our vices.

Some people like savoury snacking- potato chips, potato crisps, potato wedges, and um, un-potato based delights.

Some people like sour kicks- lime, lemon, general citrict twists.

I like sweet things. Sugar fuels me and when I inhale my beloved jellybeans or sugary cereal or just a bag of generic candies, I become the happiest of bunnies.

Ahem. Yes. A sugar-bunny, if you will.

My second vice is that as well as loving all desserts, excruciatingly sweet things, and edible goods, I also love discovering food from other countries. I get so excited when I can try something which is a total suprise because it’s written in a language I can’t even try to decipher.

I’ve been very lucky. Because people who travel are lovely to me, and, sometimes they bring me huge hauls back and then watch as I melt down in a bubbling frenzy of complete content.

Chinese candy brought back after the Chinese new year from, well, China.

My flatmate brought me back a lovely selection of Chinese candies at New Years.

It’s honestly the best sort of present you could ever give to me; want to buy my loyalty? My love? Candy.

It was so kind and thoughtful, and you better believe that I devoured the whole darn lot.

Such a stack of Polish candy bars!

My family saw how delighted I was, and obviously they remembered; because my brother recently returned from Poland, and with him was an awesome bag of awesome awesomeness.

He had picked up dozens of various local candy just for me.

I was honestly close to tears; WHAT A GIFT. And not even for my birthday or Christmas or anything! It was just a brotherly act of niceness. I was really freaking thrilled.

And I’m sure more thrillness is to come, because I’ve barely even started to devour them and they look delish.

I’m guessing the stash will last a week. Tops.


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