We meet again, my old foe.

So my summer holiday is passing quickly. I’m not sure where all the time goes, all I can tell you is that it isn’t being put to good use.

I’d like to tell you that I’m writing plenty, but I’m not. Or that I’m baking oh-so-frequently, but again, nope. Or that, you know, I’m doing something other than eating/browsing shoes/watching the olympics, but sadly, that’s exactly how I’ve spent the last week in particular.

Next week I’m jetting off to Prague for ten days, which I’m very much looking forward to, and hoping that in between dining out & snapping photos of the incredibly gothic architecture inspiration will STRIKE.

Because I need that bolt to jolt some life into half-formed ideas which I’ve either jotted down into my notepad or are merely floating in the debris of my mind.

Now, my final year project is at the forefront of my TO DO list. I want to get the skelentons down and completed before Summer ends, so that when I return for my final year this October, I’ll have somethng to build on.

But honestly? My idea doesn’t feel so thrilling to me at the moment.

You see, my entire project is on the topic of poetry and poetic forms- how they’re created, presented and interpretted. In particular, the connotations attatched to performance poetry and how it differs from written verse.

I don’t write perfomance poetry, I like writing poetry which looks beautiful on the page and can be either read to oneself or read out loud- but not neccesarily ‘perfomed’. So the whole genre of ‘performance, spoken word’ poetry is a concept entirely new to me. And as part of my project, I guess I’ll be delving into this world without much prior knowledge to guide me and recording the journey.

It should be exciting…but…

Well. I’ve only seen a few perfomance poetry sessions before, and all in all…

I really, really disliked them.


And because of the whole sociological aspect of my project, I know I need to reserve judgement and be as bias-free and objective as possible…but…but…

They were just awful! I have opinions! And sorry, but I don’t think saying nonsensecal sentances in an overly dramatic way, wavering your voice and flinging your arms in the air makes you a poet. It’s just painful to watch, and really embaressing.

That being said I’ve only seen three, maybe four spoken word pieces, so it’s cmpletely possible that what I’ve seen has just been a really bad selection. I hope that is the case, because if I’m going to try and write some poetry emulating that style…I want it to be something I feel content with.

Anyway, on top of that slice of my project, I also want to look at quite a few other poetry related topics. So, hopefully, I’ll end up with a good collection of poetry pieces, intermingled with non-fiction components and responses.

Okay! Enough on that for now!

I wanted to talk about my recent trip to the London Olympics, but alas, I’ve gone on for far too long already. That shall be for another day. Lucky you, anonymous reader.


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