And what ten days those were.

So, I ‘ve returned from a family holiday in the Czech Republic, and even though I’ve been back on English soil for all of twelve days…I already want to board a plane and go right on back there. Because Prague is a bit like ice cream {which, by the way, I devoured over there in the gallons, but we’ll get to that}: it’s cool, good for the soul, and really, really addictive.

Every day was jammed full of activites, full of grasping at what Prague- and the surrounding areas- had to offer, and so I warn you for the over-cramming of details which is about to come your way in full force. Because now I’m going to look over my holiday diary and guide you through how we thought best to spend what time one has in the beautiful capital city.

Day One.

So our day of travelling began early. 3am early. We hauled ourselves out of bed, kind of got dressed in that half-asleep manner and dashed out of the door with our suitcases in hand at 3.15am. Did not look haggard at all.

I love car journeys in the dark, it’s so quiet and there are lights sparkling everywhere, so it was a nice ride to Heathrow- and not too busy we we got there at 5am.

Our plane took off on time at 7.50am, and I always forget how much fun it is to get that jump in your stomach as you speed along the runway and then suddenly become airborne. We were flying with British Airways and so got a breakfast consisting of coffee, orange juice and a little sandwich which pleased me greatly as I’d been too excited to eat until that point.

When we landed in Prague it was 10.50am their time, GMT+1, so the flight only took two hours.

Our hotel, Hotel Christie, was situated in the centre of Prague and I was really pleased with it. I’ll leave the details at the end of this post, but I’d definately reccomend it as a base for anyone considering Prague- it’s 4 stars, nicely refurbished, great central position, and the staff were very accomondating- and breakfast was great! 

We decided to grab lunch then, and so ventured out to find our first food of the trip. The carnivores {this is how I shall be referring to my meat eating family} were all happy to grab a very meaty and delivious looking baguette, however, I decided to go a bit more European.

There are three big areas in Prague which you will come to know very well: The jewish quarter {full of Dior, Dolce, Versace etc; pricey pricey pricey!}, The old square {where the astronomical clock is, as well as many beautiful old buildings, resturants, shops etc} and Wencleas Square, which is again, beautiful old buildings- but lot’s of new ones also, this is where the shopping centres and big-ass shops are.

So, we were in The old square, which is where I found a delightful crepe stall, who were making them to order before your very eyes. So, obviously, I had to have one, I mean it would have been rude not too.

I had mozerella and tomato sauce, and it was delcious. Really took me back to having galettes in France, which can never be a bad thing. And as we were in The old town, the views whilst I ate weren’t exactly bad either…

The buildings in the old town square are like something out of a disney film, they’re pastel, high, ornate and carved with intricate, beautiful designs.

It was honestly like a feast for the eyes, as well as a feast for my belly as I devoured my crepe.

So, after lunch, we took in more of the ambience and local spots such as the astrological clock tower.

It has lot’s of faces- tells you the season, the star month, some nautical things, and although it’s hard to tell by this picture, around the centre are hundreds of name. 365 to be precise, because back in ye olde day, citizens were named the name of their name saint- so your name was totally decided by what day you came out into the world on. These days it’s not so strict, but you still have to have your chosen name approved by an official. Most people there have their birthday, and a name day; two sets of gifts? Yes please.

So anyway, exploring took us right into the evening territory, and it was time to find the venue of our first family feast. We stumbled accross somewhere quite by chance in the end, it was quiet, it looked nice, it was so cheap; so we went in.

My dad had beef ghoulash served in bread. The bread was the bowl. It was so cool :’)

Our food was rustic, but really nice, I mean, £4 for a main meal in a capital city? It’s insane. The one thing I’ve really noticed since returning is how expensive our food and drink is.

I’m not kidding when I say every resturant we dined in, in Prague, charged £1 for half a litre of beer. Nice beer. Local beer. Beer the Czechs are proud of. General rule of thumb, when in Prague (or The Czech Republic) paying more than 30czk a beer, is too much.

Stay tuned, for Day Two…
Hotel Christie
Vladislavova 1477/20 
110 00 Prague 1, Czech Republic
246 091 700

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