Day Two.

So, after a good night of sleep, I was pumped and ready for a full day of seeing Prague, and our plans didn’t disappoint.

We decided to go on a walking tour, a three hour one, and gain a little insight into the history beautiful Prague. Our tour guide was an American who had fallen for the city on a holiday with her husband. They loved it so much that they upped sticks and moved there. She was possibly the perkiest person I have ever met, I’m talking seriously cheerful, and did a great job, really bringing to life history which I knew so little about.

The architecure everywhere is breathtaking. As you can see (or will see) I got a little photo-enthusiastic and snapped shots of everything I could. But it’s seriously tought not too- there’s just beauty everywhere; in every building, statue, rooftop- it’s overwhelmingly impressive.

At the end of the free tour, you tip your guide what you feel the experience was worth- I think we paid about 125czk each, which is about £4per person, it seemed to be on parr with what others gave- very cheap indeed, but there were 35 or so of us, so I suppose it adds up and our guide certainly deserved all she made. If you’re ever in Prague, I reccomend the free tours (look for the red umbrellas)- you’ll find them in the Old Town square, and to go on a tour, you simply go up to them and introduce yourself.

So, with that over, it meant that it was time for “lunch”. Now I put lunch in air brackets because every day, I didn’t really have a conventional meal. I had ice cream.

And it was so, so, good. I had pistachio and (I’m kicking myself for not writing it down) I think walnut? It was lovely anyway.

So after eating, and seeing a few sights which we’d been told about on the tour (such as the statue of an upside-down horse, done by a famous Czech sculpture who seems to be the equivilant of our Banksy), we decided to walk up the grand old train station which was yet another interesting building.

Its deterioration added to its charm I think, for, it wasn’t traditionally beautiful- in actuality, it was run down. Passing time had ebbed at it, peeling the paintwork, rusting the gilt. But underneath that, the station had such lovely statues carved into her.

I love faces in stone, and the station had some beautiful examples of exquisite workmanship.

In the evening, we had booked at a very popular resturant called Llenk Helva, or ‘Clear Head’ (Details at end of post), a completely vegetarian resturant. As you can imagine, it took some persuading to have my brother (the most carniviourous of carnivores) to (begrudingly) agree to eating there.

Each room was funky and different in design, all painted and decorated by the owner I think, and even though the staff weren’t particularly warm, or friendly, the food was really nice.

My mother and I had the grilled goat’s cheese, crushed walnuts and potato terrine and it was rich and delicious.

The desserts were interesting- my brother and father had the ‘raw’ cheesecake, a vegan strawberry cheesecake made up of cashew butter, dates and other raw ingridients. It looked and tasted very much like the real deal- only, however, softer. I noticed this texture issue with all the dessert (because, obviously, I tried every one. Had too, again, rude not too.)

Even though this was a fully booked, well regarded, centre prague eatery, the prices were so low. Four mains, four desserts, two sides, smoothie, beers, coke all came too 1250czk- £40 for four people. Inc tip.

So that was how we spent our second day in prague.

Hold on tight, for Day Three.
CLEAR HEAD/Lehka Hlava
Restaurant Borsov
Borsov 2/280, Prague 1 – Old Town
(Make sure you book for evening meal)

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