Day Three.

So the third day of our trip was a busy one indeed. As you can see in the above photo, the focus of our attention in the morning was Prague’s very own miniature Effiel Tower.

It’s on a hill, so to get up we went on a vennicular- like a tram rail built into a steep cliff/hill which goes up and down.

Once at the tower, for a small fee (around £1.50 I think- btw, if you have  a student card, take it- students get reductions everywhere in the Czechrepublic) we climbed up to the top, and there had some amazing views of the beautiful cityscape.

We went back into the city centre and I rode my first ever tram- the tram system is huge in Prague, very easy to navigate and they’re very quaint in appearing.

It was time for lunch, i.e; for Ice cream, and that brings me to what was quite possibly the nicest ice cream I have ever had in my life. Not a big statement? I don’t think I’m exagerrating when I say that I eat ice cream every. single. day. I love ice cream, and I try it wherever I go: So, to sum up: the ice cream (walnut & café) I had here at this particular ice creamerie tops a lot of competition.

Unfortunately when I tried to find it again, I couldn’t. I- yeah, I know, just don’t, it’s too painful to relive.

I do however know that it was called Milan Gelato, Prague 1 not too far from the river and near the Jewish Quarter- a Google search might narrow it down, but trust me when I say that it’s well worth the effort.

So after lunch, my parents & I went on a tour up to Prague Castle. Now even though it’s called a castle, it isn’t what is thought of as a castle in english culture- it’s not a lone stone building with turrets and a moat. It’s actually a huge complex which would have housed a whole, functioning town.

The crown of the complex is probably the cathedral which is an amazingly intricate gothic structure. It’s beautiful on the outside, and the stain glass windows inside are breathtaking.

We also had a look around a beautifully kept garden where huge carps lived in the pond. Carp is traditionally eaten on Christmas Day in the Czech Republic, and the ones in this pond were, um, for that purpose.

That evening we unfortunately ate at a restaurant chosen by my sibling. It’s known for bringing drinks on models trains, not for the quality of food. Can you tell? That was supposedly gnocci in mushroom sauce. Just no.

Luckily, the food-aspect of the evening was salvaged by going to what I found to be the nicest patisserie in Prague. Patisserie St Tropez {details at the end of post} was heaven on earth. Not an exaggeration. It was like walking into a Harrods food halls specialising in Patisserie creations at an afforable price.

It was easy to find, inside the aforementioned shopping centre with the upside down horse statue. And after dithering over which beauty to purchase, I bought The Prague Royale. At 99czk (£3) it’s not hugely cheap. But it was utterly delicious, masterfully crafted and a generous size. So, yano.

Rich dark chocolate ganache, milk chocolate mousse, white chocolate ganache and a dark chocolate mirror.

So, all in all, definate components of a foodie dream day.

Keep tuned, for Day Four!
Patisserie St Tropez
Prague 1 Vodičkova 30


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