Day Three.

So, we awoke to a beautiful cloudless sky and incredible heat to start what turned out to be one of my favourite Czech days.

It was the day of our Prague Zoo visit {insert childish glee}.

It was easy enough to get there- a trip on the subway, and then a five minutes bus ride. When we arrived, it took all of two minutes to queue, pay and get through- it wasn’t as busy as one might think, on a holiday, summer mid morning. The tickets cost £5 for students, £6 for adults- very good value when you look at what you get for that money. For families with young kids, or friends wanting a cheap day out, I can’t reccomend Prague Zoo enough.

It’s huge for a start, there are thousands of animals there and I was relieved to see how well looked after they were. There were a lot of shade, so despite the incredible heat, it ws perfectly pleasant to stroll around. The penguins were mischivious and suspicious in their observations, the prairie dogs absolutely adorable- inquisitive little creatures they are.

One of the coolest things Prague zoo offers is that to get from the bottom plateau to the top one, they have a chair lift- like those you see at ski resorts. It costs 20czk (60p) but is really worth it, the views are fab and it’s just fun! {For those unkeen on such things, you can walk up, don’t worry!}

In UK zoos, food is normally so expensive, but we found that here, the food wasn’t really more expensive than anywhere else in Prague. You could have bread, sausage, horseradish & sauce, half a litre of beer/soft drink & an ice cream for £4ish. Or, there were restaurants too for those with a bigger appetite (also cheap, mind).

There were all sorts of animals to see, and because of the size of the place, you want to put aside the majority of a day to see everything- we were there for about five years, and only saw half!

I was most excited about seeing my first ever red panda {my favourite animal!} but alas, all I saw was  flash of its red tail…

A flash of red amidst the green,
the panda wished not to be seen,
he slipped into the undergrowth,
this creature which I love the most.

Still! After we were done, we took a river cruiser back to the centre of Prague. There, I had a tiramisu ice cream, and exhausted we retired to our hotel to rest a little before going out for dinner.

That evening, we had booked a table at my brother’s choice of venue, a restaurant not far from hotel which was positively medival. Literally.

It was inside a cool cellar and everything was rustic, traditonal, and, well, Czech.

The portion sizes were generous enough, as you can see to the left, one of my parents had schnitzel which is super popular in the Czech republic (essenstially a escalope/meat fried in breadcrumbs.) I had broccoli and gnocci in a cheese sauce, which was nice enough, but my brother- who visited last year- said the quality had gone downhill and the dish used to be a lot better.

When we got back to the hotel, I had a patisserie which my papa had bought me from Patisserie St Tropez- something I hadn’t had in years.

A figue! Genoise sponge, bavarois cream all wrapped in green pistachio marzipan ❤ Ahhh, so lovely.

So! That was Day four!

Keep tuned for Day Five!


2 thoughts on “Ten days in Prague; Day Four.

  1. Very glad to have found your blog since I am off to Prague at the end of the week for 6 days – some very useful recommendations! (especially with regard to icecream and cake!) I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip, and I’ll be keeping an eye on your adventures over the next few days 🙂

    1. Aw thank you! I hope you have a lovely trip, but I’m sure you will- it’s a fantastic city. If you have any questions which I can try and help you with, please feel free to ask 😀

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