Day 8


Sorry for the brief break in posts, my week has actually been busy for once as I had to move in for my third and final year at University!

I’ve settled now, and so let me tell you all about Day 8 in Prague- another of my favourites {there were a lot of favourite days, let’s face it.}

So, in England, I loathe Sundays. They’re dull, slow, utterly uterrly lifeless and boring. In Prague? They’re wonderful.

We had a lie in before heading to the centre in order to visit the Communist museum. It was easy to locate, and cost the equivilent of £5 for students and £6 for adults. This might seem a little steep for Czech prices, but we were there for two hours and it was a fascinating and eye opening experience. Well worth the ticket cost.

I had been craving learning of Czech history to better understand the country I was quickly falling in love with, and this musuem allowed me to gain a real insight into their not so distant past.

It’s terrifying to think that until 30 years ago, Prague was truly stuck in the clenched grip of the USSR and communism. I was engrossed by the videos shown- it was the first time I’d seen any footage of life under a regime, and for a history geek like myself, it was really interesting.

So, after that, my brother went off to climb a tower, my father settled inside Costa with and ice latte, and mother & I went shopping.

It was here, in the Palladium shopping centre where I found something which I had been searching for, for such a long time.

I finally found…


Bubble tea? What is this magical thing you speak of Véro? Well, I’m glad you asked. Because it is the most glorious of creations, the most delicious, refreshing, kawaii drink on the Earth.

That’s right, I went there. The Earth, people.

It’s drink which can be found in Chinese areas of big cities in the UK, but unfortunately for me, I’ve never come accross it in England- I’ve only ever read about it. And so, for the past year or so, I have longed to try this exotic drink. I never thought it’d be in a czech shopping mall that I stumble accross it.

I had lychee slush flavour, and it was lovely; ice cold and filled with jelly spheres of concerntrated lychee flavour. I was a happy girl, as you can see.

We’d heard plenty about a beed garden which sat at the top of a hill and had delightful views of Prague, so that’s where we headed.

It was beyond sorching, but the view was worth the trek (although trek is a slight exageration, it was up a slanted path, but the heat made it difficult.)

Also at the top of this hill is where the world’s largest statue, of Stalin, once stood. It’s been knocked down now, (well, it was blown up), and its place is a red ticking pendulum on the original platform.

It was up here in this pleasant parkland area of Prague where I saw my first ever wild red squirrel! Only for a moment, but the tiny little thing was oh so cuddle-worthy and adorable. Much like myself, I must say.

We had ice cream then, I had a scoop of lovely almond that was just so creamy.

We wandered through Prague, and I snapped some of my favourite pieces of architecture.

Now, I should say that on Day 6 and Day 7, I bought a patisserie which I hadn’t yet eaten. So when I bought yet another on Day 8, it meant I had three to demolish. The problem was, they weren’t all nice.

You see, I’d bought this, from Tesco, for 19.90 Czk, which is about 60p. Cheap? Si. Tasted cheap? Sadly, si 😦 It was rather dry, the cake tasted like cardboard, and the cream was artificially and not nice. I threw it in the bin which I hate doing; it physically pains me to throw out cakes. But it just wasn’t good to eat.

Next there was this; a cake which had also cost and 60p from a cheap little patisserie/bakery/deli which was about a minute from the hotel. It was better than Tescos, but not great. Although the white cream was coconutty and that was nice.

So, two cakes down, I was sad; I wanted a nice cake! And so I went and bought the troiseme gateaux. The royal Prague; at £3 it was pricier than the others. But my, my, my it was delicious. Spend more, get more quality- it was worth the excess money!

This little beauty was layers of joconde sponge, milk chocolate mousseline, white chocolate ganache, and dark chocolate mirror with edible gold decoration and a wonderful chocolate strand nest. It was lovely, and cheered me up considerably after the two previous failures.

Tomorrow, Day 9, is the last full day in Prague! Le sniff! Please leave any comments or questions, and check it out! 🙂

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