Day 9

So, my last full day in Prague…not actually spent in Prague, but the old historic town of Kutna Hora.

Kutna Hora is famed for three things; the grand gothic cathedral, mining, and for its very own monastry.

We got there via a train, and I have to say, it was like stepping into an episode of Poirot- quaint compartments and slidign sash windows; it was incredibly hot so the cool rush of fresh air was immense and very much appreciated.

When we arrived at Kutna Hora, I can’t say that I was impressed. It wasn’t a pretty town. But the cathedral was absolutely beautiful, and it was the highlight of the trip.

There were dozens of stain glass windows inside and they were so vibrant and beautiful, it was utterly transfixing.

Afterwards we climbed a bell tower just opposite the cathedral, and from there I could take lovely photographs of the entire gothic structure as well as the town itself.






We then went on to the monastry, which offered tours in both Czech and English, as well as having paper guides to read. It reminded me of what an italian monastry might look like, and had a wonderful chapel with illustrations covering all available space, although you could not take photographs of it.

I wouldn’t reccomend spending a whole day here as you might end up slightly bored, but we found enough to occupy us for a few hours. There was a wonderful brewery-come-restaurant with a genuinely lovely garden terrace with plenty of shade (and even a sandpit for youngsters). My brother and father sampled some unique beers, whilst I had a bilberry, gingerbread and vanilla ice cream sundae. It would have been nice; except they placed it in a boiling hot glass so it was melted before it reached me, hence my less than content expression. The food we saw smelt absolutely wonderful, and it was almost a shame we weren’t going to be around for supper.

I say almost, because we went back to Prague and ate at the fantastic Ostrovni for our final evening meal, and honestly, that place topped everywhere else with ease.

Another wonderful nicoise sans tuna salad, another wonderful plate of crepes with bilberries, cream, and caramel cream. And another night of lovely hosts and free drinks!

So that was it. The end. The end of a wonderful holiday, and lovely location and one of the best times of my life. I long to return to Prague and hope that one day I will.

Any aspiring writers out there? You must visit, because you will find ideas and characters and settings everywhere you turn; this is the place to work on your magnum opus.

And I’m not saying that just because of the ice cream.


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