So, it’s gotten to that point; time to start talking serious business.

Le gasp.

I know, for the last few months I’ve put off posting about it in detail, but my term has started, my workload is coming in, and to be honest, I feel as though I’ve made enough headway to actually discuss what I’m planning.

So my dissertation is currently called A study in Poetry. By the end, I hope to have a four part project- the first three sections focusing entirely on different aspects of poetry and the poetic form, throughout the process of exploring and experimenting I will be creating original pieces which will make up the final part of the dissertation- a collection of 18 poems all born as a result of this dissertation. So let me talk you through where I’m starting at!

Part one. Discovery & Creation.

What sparks the creation of a poem?

The creation of poetry is a wide and open topic; it is subjective and varies not only from person to person, but also from poem to poem. A poem can spring into existence thanks to a flash of inspiration, or it can be the final product of months of painful rewording, editing and tweaking. Over this part of my study in the poetic form, I will be looking not only at how my own poetry is created, but at the purpose of poetry- and whether or not these aspects affect the overall quality of the poem.

I will be creating three poems through various ‘jumping points’, which many poets use to spark the creation of new work. These will be;

  1.  The stimulus of an image.
  2.  The stimulus of a sound.
  3.  The stimulus of a phrase or word.

Now, I’ve already done the first poem- and it’s already up here on this blog! Red against Sienna was specifically written because I happened to walk past a patch of brilliant poppies sprouting up from a construction site, you can the photograph and the poem here;

I’ve been working on poem three, a stimulus of a word, and it’ll be included in my next post 🙂

Thanks for reading!


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