Or marzipan chocolate goodies, to be exact.

So, on wednesdays I usually spend my evening with the cake society- baking, um, cakes. But as it wasn’t on today, I decided to take baking into my own hands {and my own kitchen}.

I love marzipan, and after spending quite a lot of time looking into various things I could try making, I decided to keep it simple and create three types of marzipan-y confectionaries.

So, after spending a very enjoyable afternoon in my teeny tiny kitchen, and using up all of the counter space on offer, I ended up with these…

Dark chocolate cloaked marzipan with glacé cherry filling. And purple gems for prettiness.

White & creme brulée chocolate coated marzipan with candied citrus fruits, diced dried apricots & sultana filling. And chocolate squares for, um, prettiness also.

Dark chocolate cloaked jumbo raisins. White chocolate drizzle.

I made some chocolate coated raisin and white chocolate candied peel cups with the excess chocolate also, because really, who throws away good chocolate?

For a first attempt, I’m pretty content with these. They’re a bit ugly- nowhere near as small and as delicate as I would have liked {some of them are huge, like a toddler’s clenched fist}, but if I make these again in the near future, I know where to differ.

What I love about working with chocolate and marzipan is that there are endless possibilites for fillings and flavour combinations. If these are well received by others, I’ll try making chocolate truffles next!

It’s silly, but you know that saying “time flies when you’re having fun”? Well I honestly can’t remember the last time that applied to me. Not this decade, that’s for sure. But my afternoon slipped away wonderfully through the creation of these.

What a happy wednesday.


And yes, they tasted nice too.


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