Today I had every intention of making choux pastry.

Didn’t happen. Not even a little bit.

I have a habit of…deviating from recipes. Especially when the mixture just doesn’t seem to be right. So after I followed the recipe to make up a batch of choux pastry which seemed too thin, I kind of threw caution {and the recipe} to one side and…um…dabbled.

I added sugar, flour, whisked. It was essentially some sort of cake mix without raising agent, or a more viscous biscuit/scone mixture. I decided to then bake it in several forms to see what worked best.

Nothing like a little kitchen experiment on a saturday afternoon, right?

I baked a quarter of the mixture as shallow puddles, and the other quarter I poured into silicone muffin cups.

I popped those into the oven for about ten minutes, and what came out was…


it was nice.

The thin puddles became like some sort of langue de chat/scone hybrid.

The muffiny creations were dense inside, like a denser, cushiony crumpet or cake. Warm, they were filling and moreish. I ate all three of them.

And I ate all of the stars too. Woops.

But with these done, I still had half the batch left- with this mixture, I added more plain sugar until it became a stiff, heavy dough. I then broke up that dough and dropped it onto my baking pan to see what it would be like when it baked.

The answer?


It was a mixture between bread, a rock cake, and a scone. Seriously dense, but nice. I ate one of these, and the other two were gobbled up by my housemates, so at least my, um, unconventional baking didn’t waste any ingredients.

I’m tempted to try choux pastry again tomorrow. I probably need to invest in some scales to have a better chance of succeeding…

In other news, shock, horror, I have been working on one of my assignments. For my writer’s workshop class, we’ve been assigned to write an essay on one of our classmates pieces.

I’m lucky because one of my friends in the group is destined to be a future Young Adult author, she’s seriously good at writing for that audience, and I’ve found that doing an essay on her work has actually been quite enjoyable. I find that spending my afternoons writing, then cooking has been a pleasant way to spend my days.

Happy times.


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