Even though I so obviously am.

So tomorrow, my parents are driving back from seeing friends in Wales, and are stopping the night in Nottingham en route home. Which means I get to see them, yay!

Because they’re staying in a boring hotel, I though I’d whip up some baked goodies for their breakfast. I had about a zillion possibilities to chose from, but eventually whittled it down to a few items with two factors; easy to eat & deliciousness.

Obviously muffins were going to be a viable option here;

So voila, I made a couple of vanilla muffins with apricot jam filling because my mama adores apricot and who doesn’t love muffins which ooze?

I also made a couple of lemon muffins with candied citrus fruit peelings and a tawny marmalade filling. Not the biggest marmalade fan myself. {A little sour.} But these looked lovely, and I hope my dad likes them.

I also made a lone vanilla & strawberry jam muffin. Why is it alone?

Because I ate the other one.



Ahem, moving on;

I wanted to make a whole batch of shortbread based goods {Think jammy dodgers etc} but my shortbread dough was an absolute b***h to work with. When I finally got some usable shapes, popped them in the oven, and yanked them out, I didn’t like the texture. A little flaky? I think the butter ration was too high. Anyway, I kept two shortbread circlets, but threw the rest out. I wasn’t going to be able to do chocolate work with them or anything, so that left me in a sullen mood.

Fortunately for me, I spent pretty much all of yesterday looking into making biscotti, as it’s something I’ve wanted to try for a while.

I’m relieved to say that they went okay for a first go, and they tasted nice too- Vanilla, walnut and cherry biscotti.

I also wanted to present my parents with a little gift, so I made up these boxes of marzipan candies. A glacé cherry centre enrobed with golden marzipan in a chocolate & caramelized almond shell. They’re a little addictive straight from the fridge- like a marzipan fererro rocher.





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