So another day spent in the kitchen. Instead of writing.

But, in my defence, you can’t eat words. They aren’t physically warm, moist and delicious, so, you know. Give me the cake.

Today I made some little lactose-free banana bread loaves, which, straight from the oven, were warm and nommy. One of my classmates is intolerant to lactose, and I think it’s kind of unfair how I make things for everyone every week, and she can’t always have some. So this week, it’s not a problem, hurrah!

For everyone else, I made some dense, rich almond chocolate brownies. And by dense, I mean dense; these aren’t for the week hearted. They’re just so chocolately.

Although I kind of had a recipe for these, I deviated from it in the hopes that the end product would be okay- and luckily they were!

Brownies which are rather spongey aren’t my personal favourite- I like them soft, fudgey and really moist. But in order to create a batch of that texture, I really do need a hand whisk- which I don’t have here at uni. Le sniff.

Yesterday I made my first ever batch of Very berry lemon friands, for my evening class. A very light french almond sponge, filled with jewelled raisins, dried cherries and glacé cherries also. They were all devoured, so I think I should probably note down the recipe whilst it’s still in my mind for a future quick bake- because honestly, friands are delicious and so simple. One bowl, 30 mins from start to out of the oven. And they are really moreish.

I’m not sure what I’ll be baking next, any suggestions? Let me know!


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