So, I’m ill.

Le sniff.

I don’t get ill very often- in fact, this is the first time I’ve had a cold in years. So I don’t really know how to handle it. Soup. Lots of soup seems to be doing the trick.

Apart from the sore nose and general grogginess which comes with being a little poorly, the thing I hate most is just how inconvinient it is. I can’t bake. I can’t bake and it’s annoying.

Of course what I can do, is trawl the internet for recipes to try out when I’m better. This means that I’ve spent my day adding a dozen or so new recipes to my ‘favourites’ list. Where a good three hundred recipes are already saved, waiting. Yes. I’m a recipe hoarder.

The thing is, I see a recipe I really want to try, add it to my favourites, and forget about it. I forget to even look for it when I’m pondering what to bake next- and it’s not like I’ll ever see it, for it’s lost amidst the hundreds of other titles, competing for my attention.

So I’ve come to the conclusion that organisation {I do love my organisation} is in order. I’m making a vow.

I’ve created a new page for my lovely little blog, this page right here;

A list of my top priority bakes. A challenge.

I’m going to bake every one of these darn things before the year is out. And I’m going to bake them right.

If you have any suggestions for a bake, I’d be super keen to hear them- I love a challenge!

So, until my next update with my first {hopefully} successful bake, enjoy this picture of summery Dover before I returned to University.

I miss my home.


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