flowerSo it’s taken a while, but I’m all recovered from that nasty cold and things are going well.

That’s right, I’m feeling positive! Because despite the huge amount of assignment work for a million different modules jumping up and down on my shoulders, I’m slowly working through it now, so that when it’s due in three months, it’ll be nicely polished up. I don’t do things by halves, so as it’s my final year, I’ve decided to really just push myself to get the possible results I can. I don’t particularly enjoy my course, and I genuinely can’t see the degree being much use in my immediate future, but that’s no excuse for laziness and poor attainment. Rawr.

So, what have I been up too, work aside?

  • Very little.
  • Eating.
  • Eating a lot.brownies 1

The sad truth, it’s all been about food. But that can’t be a suprise. As soon as I was well enough to get back into the kitchen, I made a batch of pure comfort. Aka; brownies. Gooey on the inside, and crackly on the surface. Ate the whole tray and regretted nothing.

cinamon & clove 2Then with my delightful cake soc {this won’t come as a shock, but the only societies I religiously attend are food soc, cake soc and kettle soc. Yep. Baked goods are my calling.} we made some very christmassy cinnamon & clove biscuits. Which came in a delightful array of festive shapes- stars, angels, stockings, teddys, santa etc…

navigation inn 010I’ve been eating out a lot, because there’s been plenty of Christmas socials at restaurants, and what can I say? I’m a festive glutton.

One of the places visited was Annie’s Burger Shack. Like burgers? Ever in Nottingham? Check it out. There’s a reason why Annie won Msn’s ‘best burger in the UK’ accolade last year.

I had the Sherwood burger- your basic burger topped with broccoli trees and slathered in mature cheddar. Mmm. When I return (this Wednesday actually, shhh) I might try the Elvis burger… (that’s peanut butter & jelly) or maybe even the Sunday roast burger…(Yup, stuffing, gravy, yorkshire pud, onion ring, veg & all your trimmings). And what’s great is that every burger is available for carnivores, vegetarians (yay!) or vegans alike. Happy times.

So, I’ll be back to regular posts full of foodie photographs and poems.

Merry December!


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