afternoon tea one

So yesterday I had the most fabulous of days, as five of my friends and I went out to have afternoon tea. One of my very favourite things to do on a gloomy December afternoon. Or any afternoon really.

afternoon tea threeAnd what can I say?

We ate tiny finger sandwiches. Slathered attery clogging amounts of clotted cream over sultana scones the size of a side plate, topped with a dollop of strawberry jam. Devoured miniature fudgey, gooey brownies with crackly surfaces. Inhaled slabs of crumbly, moist carrot cake with sugary frosting.

All the while, accompanying my sweetly baked feast with five cups of tea.

afternoon tea seven

So when I got home, and crawled into bed with my Kindle, boy was I feeling snugly smug. I had that glorious warmth emitting from my full stomach, my eyes were drooping. “Boy!” I thought, so naive, so foolishly, “I must be immune to the caffeine in all that tea!”

How could I have thought any differently? I was struggling to keep my eyes open…and it was so early…

afternoon tea fiveEventually, I hauled myself from beneath the duvet, and went about my regular evening. And then things started going wrong.

10pm passed.

11pm passed.

12pm arrived. Usually I settle into bed with my Kindle and read for a couple of hours before settling into a nice sleep.

But this was not to be.

It got to 1pm, and I just felt the need to move! The duvet was constrictive! It was too hot! IT WAS STIFFLING ME AND MY CREATIVITY.

I was just too agitated to read. To sit at my laptop.

Non. I thought to myself. Véronique, this is not good news! Go to bed!

So I brushed my teeth {dental hygeine is important, kids} and switched off my light.

But sleep evaded me.

2pm passed.

3pm passed.

It just did not come.

So I rose, opened my window. Paced.

Clambered back into bed.


For three WHOLE hours.

So it was 6am. And I felt not energised, but wired. You know that grainy kind of energy? Your eyes itch. But there is no way in hell you’re going to be able to sleep. Too many thoughts to process to sleep!

Here were some of mine as I tried to drift of;

Talking to myself in French.

Going through various recipes to be baked this week.

Going through various recipes to be baked in the distant future.

Pretending I’m a stand up comidienne. And going through my whole routine.

At 6am, in a sleep deprived state, turns out I’m pretty damn hilarious.

Sleep wasn’t going to happen.

So I got up, wandered into my kitchen. Baked a cherry almond victoria sponge for later today, with cream cheese frosting, and a white chocolate ganache.

Then I returned to my room, at 7am, and typed this.

Whilst funking out to Bruno Mars. Yup.

True story.


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