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And glad to be back.

A little warning, this is a baking-heavy post!

Now that I’m back home, I have a wonderful kitchen full of toys and beautiful surface space which is something I really lack when in my student kitchen. As well as plenty of surfaces, I’ve also got the perks here of a glorious hand blender and electric whisk. My wrist is so grateful, if it could shed tears, it would.cake 1 (5)

So prior to my returning, I had a lot of nice treats in my last week. Dining out, receiving a really, really delicious handmade gingerbread house from another foodie friend {which I devoured in one sitting, unashamedly} and even havin a little class party to celebrate our last lesson, and saying goodbye to an awesome lecturer. The cake I baked and took to it; almond sponge with cherries, cream filling and white ganache frosting tasted really moreish. I think I ate three slices alone. Woops.mousse two

Since being back, I haven’t been able to keep out of the kitchen {well someone’s got to play with the blender stick, otherwise it feels neglected}. Now that we have one, I can make things which I’d never had the oppertunity to make before, so it’s really been a week of firsts!

mousse threeMy first fruit mousse! Layered, mango and lychee, with a lychee jelly.

It had a lovely bubbly texture, and was so sweet and light. I love, love, love lychee!

I’ve also been making some savoury dishes…soup 1

Soups! First I made a squash and rosemary soup with caramelised wild mushrooms. And then tonight I made a butternut squash, sweet potato and sage soup with toasted cashews, which was my preferred of the two and lovely for a cold day.

Today I also made my first ever panna cotta. Earl grey! It was lovely and creamy, and for a tea fiend such as myself, really enjoyable. I also created my first ever original recipe today, which is something I didn’t expect to do anytime soon!compote 8

This beauty~ A brown sugar & persimmon compote with baked meringue topping 🙂

compote 6compote 4


4 thoughts on “Home again.

  1. ‘…and beautiful surface space which is something I really lack when in my student kitchen.”

    I cannot resonate more with you on that. My current kitchen can really only accomodate two people at one time and even that means we’d have to squeeze past each other to get to the other end of the kitchen. By the way an electric whisk/hand blender really doesn’t cost much so I think it’s a good idea to invest in one. You could get one for a fiver if you’re lucky.

    1. I am not looking forward to returning to my student accomodation and having to get re-settled into a tiny kitchen. The only positive thing I can say about it is that my three flatmates rarely use it so at least it’s not a case of having to wrestle for the space ;D

      I think you’re right on the hand mixer front! Especially since so many recipes I want to try require one…I think a trip to Lakeland is in order ^_^

      1. There is a Lakeland store near where you live??! I’m jealous. There isn’t one in Bristol so I always have to order online and pay for delivery. You could always pop in to Wilkinson or Argos as they tend to sell cheap but good quality electronic items.

        By the way how is your GBBO audition going?

      2. There is in Nottingham, yes! Although perhaps it would be a blessing in disguise not to have one…I spend way too much time in there, hovering at the vast array of shaped cutters and silicone moulds. Wilkinson has been such a pleasant suprise for me! I bought such a great set of silicone cupcake cases there, which not only makes popping out the cupcakes/friands/brownies out so easy, but they’re so much more pleasant to clean than traditional ones ^_^

        Ohoo, well I didn’t hear back, so I assume it went nowhere. But honestly I can’t say I’m suprised or dissapointed, maybe I’ll reapply next year when I’ve practiced a broader range of skills!

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