snowAhhhh, isn’t it nice when things are balanced out?


I’m only noting the temporary calm in my life at the moment because I’m fully aware than in a fortnight or so, I’ll probably be running around with a ridiculous amount of dissertation work on my shoulders because I was too busy tinkering about in the kitchen. Bad Véro.

But yes, at the moment I’m enjoying my various course assignments {covering a whole array of subjects, from editing, to the uses of writer’s workshops, to the publishing industry and its transition into a digital era} as well as my baking projectsbooks.

Have I ever mentioned how lucky I am to have awesome friends? Because one of the few good things I can say about my university experience is that I have met some lovely, generous and altogether amazing people. I exchanged belated christmas presents with one of them during the week, and I think her gift shows just how well she knows me…

I think we all know how many hours are going to go into me drooling over every single darn recipe. {A hint: many.}

Toregano & sage bread 1his week has been a week of many firsts in my kitchen endeavours. I made some proper bread {not the no-knead kind} flavoured with onion & sage first. Which was scrummy, warm from the oven, and ideal to munch on whilst I watched the snow falling outside.

Oregano & sage bread

I liked it so much- and honestly, I have no idea why the idea of having to knead bread scared me? It’s so rewarding- that I made another bun yesterday, this time oregano and sage.

Mmmm. Bread.

tartlet oneAnd today was another new experience for me- my first sweetcrust pastry! I’m ridiculously proud because it’s something I’ve been cowering away from for such a long time, and being able to tackle it successfully has given me such a boost! I can do this. Oui! So I have a beautiful little set of tartlet tins, and it was time to try them out! Caramel & chocolate tarts!

TARTLET TWONow really, I just wanted the pastry to not crack, hold the filling and look presentable. The fact that the pastry was really, really tender with just the right amount of bite has delighted me beyond belief. I’m not a huge fan of pastry because it’s often so bland, but it’s actually my favourite part of these tartlettes!

Anyway, so this post really didn’t have much of a point, other than I do remember that I have assignments to be getting on with, and I’m not spending all day in the kitchen. Cough.

tartlet 4


2 thoughts on “Working & Baking. Baking & Working.

  1. Your tartlettes look beautiful! I love a good pastry and whilst many people say a tart should have a paper thin pastry bottom I think I’d rather have it slightly thicker just so I could taste the pastry and not just the filling only. Caramel and chocolate sounds delish!!

    1. Oh thank you! I’m just glad I got some use out of my tartlette cases finally! But yes I think I agree with you, its nice to have a bite with the pastry- although next time, I will try a thinner case to see the difference, and whether it’s more pleasent with a deeper filling ^_^

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