marzipan truffle 3 a

So, on a baking level it’s actually been a sad and slow week.

Some banana & marzipan flan patissier, the above glacé cherries rolled in marzipan & then dipped in chocolate truffles, and of course, many pancakes.

But this doesn’t mean that my week has been foodless. No, on the contrary it has been very, very food filled and although one obviously feels guilty when indulging too much, the food is…well, worth it. So indulge onwards!

Last wednesday, I returned, for my third time, to Annie’s burger shack at The Navigation Inn. I’ve spoken of Annie’s burgers before. Because they’re HUGE and delicious.

bostonI went for the largest burger on the menu, naturally, which happened to be the Boston Nibbler. Why do you nibble? Because it’s too big to pick up and hold, that’s why.

We had a good time, Nibbler and I. But of course, in the end I had to show the appreciation I felt in my heart by absolutely devouring it. The two burgers, the heart clogging amounts of cheddar and swiss cheese, the bacon {or facon in my case}, the onion rings, even the charred pineapple on top. They all needed to be eaten. And so eat, I did. I regret nothing.

SAM_2775One of my friends had the Breakfast burger, which as you might imagine, had everything breakfasty and more inside. Hashbrown, fried egg, saussage patty, tomatoes, fried mushrooms, cheese…and of course, a beef burger too.

I appreciated it from afar.

And then last night, I went with my Food society {we go around Nottingham and eat. Yep, that’s a thing.} to Yamas! A very traditional Greek Taverna for a fourteen course mezze.

It was immense.

SAM_2814They happily made vegetarian alternatives for myself with zero fuss, which is one of many reasons I love Yamas- if you go {and I really think you should} you’ll also likely meet the owner. He’s the most welcoming host on earth, who literally ushered me inside from the snowy, glum, cold streets so I could await the rest of my party in snuggly warmth.

The above photo shows fried halloumi which I loved, and spinach & feta SAM_2815wrapped in filo pastry which, quelle surpise, I also loved.

My favourite dished was probably the rice dish {with hugeeee grains of tender rice} in a pepper and tomato sauce, topped which cheese aplenty, thus gaining a place in my favour.

SAM_2812But the battered courgette with garlic sauce were also really nice, as were the baskets of warm pitta bread, the antipasti platter annnnnd the cous cous. And all the other dishes in between. Seriously, at £16.96 for 14 platters in the evening it will leave you full, happy and seriously pleased that you chose Yamas.


Vegetarian? Gluten free? Not a problem, I was very impressed at how easily they catered our needs, it was nice to feel like it wasn’t an issue, you know?

So yes, lovely food- just in time for a romantic evening out, non?

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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