me three
So here we are,

You & I, dear reader, stumbled into one another’s life at some point over the past six months…was it fate? Chance? …Destiny?

Whatever it was, I’m most pleased that you took the time to read over my ramblings- and if you’ve frequented my blog since then, then I offer you a congratulatory cyber high-five. Much thanks.

So as I sit here, sipping cherryade and pondering, why not go over my favourite moments which have occured since starting this blog?

londonSo way back in the summer of 2012, I had a day which I’ll never forget when I went to the London Olympics. But going to watch the Judo was only a small part of my excitement; it was a father-daughter day. I have fond memories of visiting museums and art galleries with my father as a young girl- they’ve always been special to me, and so this is one more memory to go into the bank. It was a day of sharing in the Olympic spirit, seeing awesome architecture, and eating good food.

prague 1

Soon after my family & I went on holiday to Prague in the Czech Republic. As you might recall, I wrote up the trip with my ‘Ten days in Prague’ posts {which can still be found on this little ol’ blog if you have a look for it} and even now, months on, I miss Prague. I long to return because it’s possibly my favourite place. Yes, even topping France {which is no small feat}. Wonderful food, fascinating history, breathtaking architecture on a scale I have never seen before…I just fell utterly in love with the city. I will go back one day.

brthdayAnd then of course, there was my birthday. I turned twenty, which is worrying considering I still act like a child when around patisseries and general sweet goods. My family suprised me by booking a table at The West House, Biddenden, which was my first ever experience of a Michelin star restaurant. It was a wonderful meal, topped with meeting the chef Graham Garrett {who I really admired after seeing him on the Great British Menu}. The starter in particular was gloriously experimental and unique; smoked cheese marshmallows? Wonderful.

Butternut squash velouté

And this was also the summer I tasted the best dish of my life thus far. Now I’ve eaten many a lovely meals, but this is the very one which tops all overs. Butternut squash velouté, truffle oil, toasted pistachios, chanterelles with a poached egg and freshly made sourdough bread…it just exploded on the tongue with every element working together to create utter bliss within your tastebuds. This dish turned The Dining Club {} from being one of my favourite restaurants to being my ONLY favourite restaurant. If you’re ever in Kent, make every effort to go- and even if you aren’t, I promise you it’s worth the effort to go out of your way to get there. The food is glorious, and the pricing so darn reasonable. afternoon tea 021

It’s the same place where I had the best afternoon tea of my life {so far yes, but it’s going to take something miraculous to beat it} where the scones and jam were both homemade, the savoury tier were not your typical sandwiches, but homemade breads and appetizers and incredibly delicious, and the desserts…well…




And so, from consuming calories to burning them off…

dover 3

One of my last days of Summer was spent taking in views like the above; my brother & I walking the ten miles or so from Dover to Deal. Who said that docks had to be ugly? I saw so much vivicity and beauty on that walk that it’s now rather difficult for me to say that Kent can’t be beautiful.

So, Summer ended. I returned to University and commenced my final year. I fell in love with baking. I told my parents and they expressed their support. Christmas came, and I ate many fine patisseries in France. I felt the magic of The Nutcracker at the English National Opera house. I continued to love baking.

Et voila, here we are. Soon my classes will be finished, my dissertation completed, my graduation upon us…

And still, my thoughts and my heart are absorbed in baking.


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