Not even going to open this post with the pretence that it’s poetry related. Because although I do have many poems which I could post to this, ahem, poetry blog, I’d much rather talk about food, as I have many photos to accompany that topic of conversation.

And really, isn’t food-talk with visual inserts, much more enjoyable?

I thought so.

So yesterday is was the first real day of Spring. The sun wasn’t just shining, but was actually emitting warmth. There was no harsh wind, not even a gentle breeze. Just glorious azure skies and golden beams bathing the pavements. It was a truly lovely Saturday.

And I spent it inside.

Or, more specifically, I spent it with my Food society {Foodsoc} in a kitchen, making a few dishes and then eating them. And I had such a brilliant time.

Really hilarious, lovely people AND cooking? Is there a better way to spend a Saturday? I don’t think so.

Everything we made was super simple, and actually lovely. A Thai curry {zesty, garlicky, sweet & salty}, naan bread {my first time making it! Suprisingly easy too} and a two ingredient Mars bar mousse.

A clue; one of the ingredients is Mars Bars. Melted down into a delicious, gooey, caramelly chocolatey goodness.mars mousse

And the other is softly whipped cream. Mix them together, let them set in the fridge and what you get is something incredibly indulgent, incredibly rich and super, super delicious.

mars mousse 1
Mars bar mousse. There is a God.

We also had a little fun with piping chocolate to make some decore to embellish our mousse. Being the vain thing I am, obviously my first move was to write my own name.

I love my Foodsoc, because it’s literally a society of people who love to eat, getting together and eating.

Last week we tried an Aisan-fusion restauarant called Chino Latino, and tried their lunchtime Bento Box.

Now, I ADORE bento boxes; there’s something about getting little bits and pieces in seperate containers to mix at your pleasure which just gets me all excited. And this was a really pleasant bento-ing experience.


In the top left, I had some little pieces of sushi; shitake rolls, with dried sweet potato skins. The top right I just loved; glorious rice noodles which were so, so moreish and delicious. The bottom left was Tofu steak in a soy & spring onion sauce, which was really pleasant and full of flavour. Plus the soft and juicy texture was great. And in the bottom right I had dessert! It was mango cheesecake {without any sort of base} with a mango relish on top. It was one of the creamiest things I have ever eaten and I adored it.

The perfectly balenced meal was washed down with a sweet glass of cool lychee juice, and it came to £8. Super good value for a meal that left me feeling content but not bloated or unpleasantly full, you know?

So that was really nice, and then easlier this week a friend & I ventured out on our own to try out Adam’s Brasserie & Restaurant, in the city centre.

Now this is a place which I had been eager to try for months, because it’s a restaurant ran {both in the kitchen & front of house} by students of the catering & hospitality trade at New College Nottingham.

Because of this, the food is beautifully presented {haute cuisine}, the staff super keen and very, very pleasant, the restaurant itself is rather posh and incredibly stylish…and yet the food is such good value. It’s cheap.

Although open for lunch most days, they are only open a couple of evenings a week and the menu is always different; we chose one of their gourmet nights, booked and went in, unsure of what to expect.

TAB amuseAfter being settled down, and ordering a non-alcoholic cocktail, we were presented with a little amuse bouche; a tart with apple & cheese which was warm and crisp.

TAB beetroot & aurnip ragout starter

Before long, our starters of Beetroot & turnip ragout arrived, which was daintily arranged and very light. I liked the contrast of colours between the golden & purple beetroot, which unfortunately, my lame camera doesn’t do a good job of picking up.

There was warm rolls of rosmary or regular bread & creamy butter to nom on as we waited for our mains, and when they arrived I think I let out an audible squeak of excitement.

TAB mushroom ravioli in white wine reduction mainThis is because I ordered the mushroom ravioli in white wine reduction, and I love mushrooms. This was so very creamy and mushroomy, resting on a bed of the diced mushroom filling and wilted spinach. It was the perfect portion size; not to filling, and yet, satisfying my stomach.

TAB honey & peach yoghurt pre-dessertWe were then served a small pre-dessert, which was a shooter filled with honey yogurt and peach compote. I loved this, even though I’m not a huge honey fan. But what can I say? The honey & peach combo really worked and it was delicious.

This of course, led to my favourite course of the night; the actual dessert.

And oh my. Yes. Yes it was lovely. Simple, but incredible.

TAB espresso marscapone, salted caramel ganache, amaretto tuille dessert

I ordered this little beauty; Espresso marscapone, salted caramel ganache crumbs & amaretto tuille. It was so spot on, that I have every intention of attempting to recreate it in the future. Very, very nice.

TAB chocolate tart, minte creme fraiche, rum soaked cherries dessertMy friend had the chocolate tart with mint creme anglaise and rum soaked cherries. Decadent. Rich. And well-enjoyed.

So, we finished off our meals with a creamy, marshmellowy hot chocolate & flake {which was a really good hot chocolate by the way, very mellow and thick}, and asked for the bill.

And it came to under £20 per person.

See what I mean by ridiculous value?

Plus, and I mean this sincerely, I have never eaten in a restauarant where the staff are more attentive, pleasant and genuinely pleased to be there. They enjoy what they’re doing and it’s blatantly obvious.

So yes, Chino Latino; http://www.chinolatino.eu/nottingham

Adam’s Brasserie; http://www.ncn.ac.uk/content/AdamsRestaurant.aspx

If ever in Notts, they’re worth checking out 🙂

Have a happy March! Spring is here!


4 thoughts on “It’s been a good fortnight for feasting.

    1. I know! And it was GOOD bento too, super flavoursome & the dessert was really lovely. Plus, the staff were really good there. I mean this tiny waitress dragged a table across the room so more of us could sit together. That’s service.

    1. Right?!? And although I say mousse, it had more of a velvet-creamy pot de creme texture. Ugh. My god it was good.

      *Has no mars bars or cream in the kitchen. Sad times.*

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