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My parents took me to sunday lunch at The Dining Club, and as you know from the dozens of photos/mentions in previous posts, the food is just incredible.

sl2         sl 6

 One of my favourite overall meals there! I loved every course equally. Although, I think the fun factor in the the dessert earns it an extra brownie point…


Lovely vanilla parfait, with a mango ‘yolk’ which burst on your tongue! As well as a lovely white chocolate biscuit ‘soldier’ and a brown sugar meringue.

Ahhh. I love mango. And meringue. And as it happens, parfaits. This was a good dessert for me.

large almond and orangeOn my own baking front, it was my mother’s birthday on April fifth {I won’t say which one. Although if I mysteriously vanished, you’d all know why.} And I make her birthday cake. A flourless almond & orange torte which was so incredibly moist. I genuinely have never had anything else with quite that texture. It was a simple recipe and very much enjoyed by us all.

Which is fortunate, because there was no back up cake.

banana souffle 3

I also made my first ever soufflés a couple of days ago. Lovely banana soufflés which were creamy and light and lovely. I think I love anything which has a base ingridient of whisked egg whites far too much.

Back to The Dining Club, I had my first ever brunch! My parents have been to quite a few of these, and have enjoyed telling me all about them in a cruel and taunting fashion. They weren’t exagerating with their fawning and appreciation; whoever introduced the idea of brunch to mainstream society, I thank you.

brunch 2        brunch 4

Homemade granola & yoghurt? Cinammon french toast, sherry-raisin compote & orange creme?

Yes please.

Oh, and not to forget this.

brunch 3

Bamn! That is what I call a good Sunday, right there.

So, feasting has been good.

But now I must talk about some serious business which went down yesterday.

So, I think I’ve mentioned before that there is an international diploma in patisserie which I’ve been looking into for a while?

Well, yesterday, my parents & I took the train up to London in order to check out Kingsway college for ourselves. We were super impressed; the facilities were incredible, the staff really friendly and engaging and so obviously passionate, and the course itself just seems perfect.

Today I filled out my enrolement form. When I send it off, along with my deposit, I will have made the very first steps.

Guys. I’m going to be a patissiere.

Trying not to hyperventilate.

I just can’t wait! There is so much to learn, and I just want to get stuck in and absorb it all! Not only will I be in a city I love, studying in London, but come the September start, but I’m going to be moving forward in a profession which delights me in all possible ways.

I can’t wait. I really, really can’t. I mean, yes, it’s terrifying and a little daunting. But I just want to work and become better. I want to create beautiful desserts, darn it!

So, happy times. I also had quite the adventure foodie-wise whilst in the capital city…but that, I think, I shall save for the next post…


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