Although my primary reason for visiting London last week was to check out Westminster College, I’m not goign to lie; I wanted to seek out and bring back some goodies. And boy, goodies did I find indeed.

Finally, after, gee I don’t know, months upon months of reading dozens of blogs all raving about Paul A Young: I finally got to visit one of his venues.

I went to the Soho location, which is located on Wardour street. The moment I saw the purple storefront, I cannot express the joy which shot through me. It’s a small a cosy space, crammed full with a glorious display of beautiful chocolates.

I took quite some time, dithering over my selection, before finally settling on these four beauties:Paul A young

{Top left} Goats cheese, lemon & thyme.

{Bottom left} Treacle & Black pepper.

{Bottom right} The famed marmite truffle.

{Top right} A flavour which I really can’t remember. But I guess I’ll be finding out soon enough!

The goats cheese was incredibly mellow; lemon first, and then the creamy goats cheese flavour came through, strong but not overpowering.

The marmite truffle was delicious! A very soft ganache, with a saltiness and the undeniable underlying flavour of marmite. Again, not overpowering, but complimenting the chocolate perfectly.

At £7 for four, these chocolates are not cheap. But darn, are they delicious.

I also bought what I’ve heard to be the best brownie in the UK.paul brownie

paul bag and me

That’s the original brownie on the right, but as you can see, I also splurged on one of his other brownies- salted caramel & pecan.

Fudgey. Dense. Moist. Decadent. Ridiculously chocolatey. These are not for the faint hearted. They are the best brownies I’ve ever eaten though, exceeding all expectations; and my expectations were high.

So, I came out of the chocolate shop of dreams a very happy bunny indeed. Clutching my bag as though my life depended on it.

matcha & adzuki rouladeI also went to Japan Centre, which is possibly one of my favourite places, full stop. So many Asian goodies! I purchased a slice of Japanese soufflé cheesecake, a matcha & raspberry mousse, and this vibrant delight- a matcha and adzuki bean roulade! Turns out matcha tastes like nori {seaweed}! Who knew?

In the evening, we dined at Mon Plaisir, the oldest French restauarant in London which is steeped in quite an interesting history. It was cosy and quaint, and my mother had a nice time chatting to the waiting staff in French.

mon plasir 4

For dessert, I had my first ever Ils flotante, floating islands, which are meringues poached in sweet milk, served cold on a bed of creme anglaise. This one had caramel and toasted almonds too. I adored it. I adored it so much that I made my own at home, the very next day.

Floating island

 Not as good as the restaurant’s, but still really nice! I will try to make my own caramel sauce in the future, but to be honest…I’m nervous about trying it with one of my mother’s saucepans. Burning one would not bode well for me.

Today I did a little more baking; I tried my first ever chiffon sponge. In this case, I went for coffee because my parents & I all love coffee {although I’ve found many of my friends at university sadly don’t}.

Chiffon 3

It certainly has that feathery texture I was looking for, but the centre is a tad dense, so I think next time I need to whip my eggwhites into a stiffer peaks. Then, they shouldn’t collapse during the baking process.

Chiffon 1It’s downstairs in the kitchen right now, and I really want to eat a slice, but I’ll be good and wait for my parents.

Oh well…I think I’ll just have to divert myself with the remainder of my salted caramel & pecan brownie then…

Pecan brownie


4 thoughts on “Small girl, big city.

  1. Goats cheese, lemon and thyme praline? Sounds very interesting! That matcha and adzuki roulade looks gorgeously soft too! That’s a lot of food for one trip to London I must say. Mon plaisir sounds pretty cool, I’ll defo pay it a visit next time I go to London. Were the prices reasonable?

    By the way you’re totally rocking that red outfit and the green flats.

    1. It really was! The initial flavour was a burst of lemon, but the predominant and lingering one was that of mature goats cheese. It was my father’s favourite {although I personally had a soft spot for the black pepper & treacle one}.
      The roulade was really nice, although not super cheap {I think the slice was about £2.60} although I guess for London, that’s not ridiculous.

      Mon Plaisir was good value actually! The pre-theatre menu cost £15.95 for three courses, with bread & a hot drink, and compared to some other places I’ve tried in London, I thought it was well above average 🙂

      Aha, why thank you! It may shock you to learn this, but I’m rather fond of bright colours ;D

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