me afternoon tea

Why, Véronique! Sitting there, in a restaurant. All eager and hungry. 

How rare and unexpected of you.

  1. Afternoon tea is the epitome of all things delicate and refined. The food is pretty food. There is something very feminine about the concept of dainty, bite size delicacies. And appearence is always as delightful as the actual taste of the creations you’re devouring.
    afternoon T 1
  2. Afternoon tea is made up of both the sweet and the savoury. It strikes the perfect balance; so you can eat until content, without overindulging with one or the other. {Unless, like me, you tend to overindulge in both.}

3. A good afternoon tea will always offer variety. A variety of savoury dishes- not just the fillings and the flavours found, but also the form in which you find it. Sandwiches. Petite salads. Soups. Your palette can expect all manner of pleasantries!

afternoon T 5

4. Each element is precise and executed to perfection. The balance is always a joy to admire visually, and a joy to actually eat.

afternoon T 2

6. ‘Scon’ or Scone? Now you too can participate in the debate which I’m sure will last the ages. {Although it’s scone. And I’m never going to think otherwise.}

afternoon T 7

7. On the topic of scones; Devonshire or Cornish. How do you top yours? Cream first & then the jam? {The Devon way} or Spread the jam & add a dollop of cream? {a la Cornish fashion} Personally I always top mine via the Devonshire method, although, sadly, I know not one other person who shares this trait. Clearly I’m moving in the wrong crowds when it comes to sconery.

afternoon T 9

8. When else is it perfectably acceptable to gorge on what is essentially a platter of desserts? In my oppinion, more restauarants should offer assiettes of desserts on their menu, just so those of us with a sweet tooth can truly indulge when dining out. In America they have dessert bars; eateries which offer nothing but desserts. That’s my kind of living.

afternoon T 10

9. Lots of little treats = a whole lot of joy. And you enjoy every bite because every element is completely delicious in its own right.

afternoon T 11

10. You can enjoy afternoon teas all year round. Winter? Cold outside? Afternoon tea will brighten things up. Summer? Hot outside? There’s nothing more easy going and utterly relaxing than picking and choosing from a range of delights, displayed to you on several glorious tiers.

afternoon T 12

11. I’m a firm believer that a fondness for food can bring people together. Want to have a casual session with a group of friends? Or a romantic date? Or just a nice catch up with your family? Afternoon tea is a no brainer. It’s just a good time, offering something for everyone.

afternoon T 13

And my final reason for loving afternoon tea?

12. When it’s done right, there is nothing better. I love having brunch, or lunch, or dinners at good restauarants, but really; an excellent afternoon tea tops all other mealtimes for me. It’s a little bit of everything wrapped up in a delicate and delightful package.

If you’ve never gone to an afternoon tea; have a little Google search right now! It doesn’t matter where you are- up and down the UK tea rooms are popping up everywhere, offering high teas, cream teas and full on afternoon teas too. Hotels, fancy country houses, restaurants and lounges often offer them as well, so go on and take a look!

If you’re intruiged by my delightful photos {as I’m sure you are} which were taken from my afternoon tea at The Dining Club, all the details you need to know are below:

The Dining Club
69 Middle Street,
Deal, Kent,
CT14 6HP


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