Without any classes, I have literally been spending the majority of my time at my laptop, working on my novel & rummaging through recipes.

And eating. Ahem.

Being back in Nottingham, it inevitably meant another visit to Annie’s burger shack.

Annie's burger mushroom swiss 2

This made it as my fifth visit to Annie’s this academic year which, actually, I think shows a great deal of restraint.

Because seriously, there are 20+ burgers on this menu, and I shall never try them all…

le cry.

theriver3What else?

Well a friend & I finally tried out The Riverbank, which is the sister restaurant of Tom Brown’s brassiere, the restaurant I visited with my parents last year. {Incidentally, also where I first told them I’d like to become a pâtissière. I can’t believe how quickly time has passed since then!}

The food was colour, the restaurant itself had a really relaxed vibe, and I imagine that in the sunshine, it must be a truly lovely spot because the patio overlooks the river. And I mean, overlooks it.


 Yup. Taken from the patio. The pretty bridge/water is right there.

I think the best dish of the night, presentation wise has to go to the blood orange & bitter chocolate mess, which my friend ordered.


It was so colourful! Although, I have to say, made up of rather simple components; mousses, sorbets, meringue shards, blood orange and a chocolate puffed rice cube.

theriver6I love dishes which are made up of individual components. Unfortunately, blood orange is a little sour for my liking so I um, opted for the sticky toffee pudding and milk ice cream.

It wasn’t so aesthetically pleasing, but I regret nothing.

Spring kind of happened for a few days. You know, blue skies. Actual sun. Ducklings. Bluebells. Daffodils. People in skirts and shorts and flip flops.


But then someone reminded the weather gods that it’s England, and thus thunderstorms/rain/general gloom has been prophesised for the week ahead.

This should probably bug me, but I quite like spring/summer squalls. There’s nothing like a semi-monsoon in the morning, and sunshine all afternoon.

aftertea1A couple of days ago, I had a lovely afternoon tea at Hart’s hotel’s Park bar.

The only thing better than triangular sandwiches and adorably petite cakes, is having excellent company to enjoy them with, so I was a very lucky girl indeed.

As you can imagine, it was the ideal way to spend an afternoon.

aftertea              aftertea2

 {Cake and good conversation often is.}

Other things I’ve been up to~ I went to the theatre with a friend to see Noises Off! As the London production are currently here in Nottingham. My father has seen it twice over the years and so suggested I give it a go, and yes, it was good fun.

Later tonight, I’ll be off to see a production of The Kite Runner which is being staged at the Nottingham Playhouse. I’m quite excited because a friend/one of my favourite people on the planet is also in it. So I will try very hard not to distract her, by sobbing violently in the front row.

I mean, I make no promises, but I’ll try.

Other than that, I have been working on my second novel. Novel numero uno, City of Spires, is sitting completed in it’s rough draft, and once I’m done with the sequel, A City Unmasked, I will being spending many hours editing them both.

Book 1 ended up at around 110k, and at the moment I’m on 55k for book 2, so…half way? Ish? I think it might be a tad shorter, but who knows.

I’m glad that I’ve gotten to this point and still like my protagonist and surrounding cast. I’ve yet to kill anyone off out of sheer spite.

Note the yet though. They need to watch their fictional backs, that’s all I’m saying…

Ahem. Happy spring!



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