So I’ve hit the delightful 3,000 & I’d like to thank you all for that. I mean, yes, I’m fully aware that the majority of those hits are down to my father {Hi Papa} because I bombard him with links every time I publish a new post, but still!


Okay. Celebrations over. Let’s get down to business.

Foodie business.

Despite the, urm, somewhat temperamental weather, my friends and I had a rather epic picnic on the weekend. And by rather epic, I mean super epic.


We had your scones/crisps/ & not to forget a cheeseboard which just made me thankful for the existence of cows; but best of all, it gave me the chance to do a little baking! Yay. Baking.

The worse thing about not having classes any more is no longer having a weekly baking session. I mean I could. But then I would just eat everything I bake myself and that’s…yeah…that’s how you have a heart attack at twenty-five.

So! For my friends, I decided to try and emulate those glorious Paul A Young brownies I had in the summer, taking the base recipe and then adding white chocolate and walnuts.

Brownie1Texture wise I was super pleased because actually, they weren’t altogether that different from Young’s. The truffle-like fudgeness and density was pretty darn similar. Although I have to say, his are a whole lot more attractive.

Which is the story of my life; WHY CAN’T I MAKE MY FOOD PRETTY? Ugh. I can’t wait until my course starts, I must learn!


I also made a very ugly, but rather moreish, Norwegian apple cake. Which was more apple than cake and rather like a clafoutis/flan in texture. Unfortunately, it looked like someone had dropped the tin repeatedly and then tossed it into a tumble dryer; but if you got over it’s appearance, it was apple-y and custardy and moreish.

And then finally I made some brown sugar meringues. I first tried these at Easter time, when they were a component of a dish at my favourite restaurant. So, since I had some light brown sugar, I thought why not try to recreate?
brown sgajpeg

Now it’s not secret I like meringues. And I liked these ones. Crisp and caramelised shell with gooey, marshmallow centre? I ate like seven of them.

So it was a pretty good day! And it felt so good to be back in the kitchen {okay, so I’d only been out of the kitchen for a week and a half or so, but that’s really too long.}

So nice things out of the way. Let’s discuss Ernesto. And what he has done to wrong me.

For those of you unfamiliar, my former darling Ernesto, is my shiny, red electric whisk. Whom I used to love.

Today he took the bond we shared and broke it. And let me tell you now; it is a bond not easily fixed.

You see, I was feeling a little experimental, so I thought I would venture into the kitchen, see where my mood took me, and try something new.

I didn’t have a recipe, but that’s okay! I wanted to make a cake. I wanted to separate the yolks from whites, and whisk the whites into stiff peaks so that there was natural lightness in my cake mix.

And so, I brought out Ernesto and plugged him in, and started slotting the beaters into their holes.

My finger was inside one of the cages as it clicked into place.

And then I knocked the darn thing. It turned on. With my finger still in it.


Freaking ow.

But it’s okay! I persevered, and ended up with a rather yummy brown sugar & golden syrup cake.


Think sticky toffee pudding/Lyle’s golden syrup loaf.

It was, again, ugly. But yummy all the same.

As for my finger? Well I ended up calling 111. Because I wasn’t sure if it was bruised or broken, and I really didn’t want to wander into A&E and waste the staff’s time. Instead, I chatted to rather nice nurse, who was surprisingly understanding.

“And can you tell me how you injured your finger?”

“Urm, well, okay. So I was baking a cake…”

Yeah. Wasn’t awkward at all. Aha.

Later on, when I got a call back from one of her colleague’s just to confirm her diagnosis, that was equally fun.

Ring ring. Ring ring.


“Hello there, can I just confirm this is Véronique?”

“Yes it is.”

“Okay. So I hear you’ve had a baking injury.”

“Ahahaha…” Pause. “Yes.”

*Hangs head in shame.*

Luckily though, both nurses seemed to think that it’s not a serious injury and the ligaments are just a little beaten. I’m going to have to keep an eye on it over the next few days though…Ack, I just really hope it’s not broken.

That would be beyond annoying because I wouldn’t be able to type or bake or do anything. Except sleep.

So I could become a sloth for a while, basically.

Okay! So. That’s what I’ve been up too baking-wise.

Writing wise, I recently passed the 75k mark for A City Unmasked, and I think I’m nearing the end.

I will dedicate a whole post to it though, I think, so keep a heads up!

Until then folks, have a good one 🙂


7 thoughts on “3000 hits & the dangers of Ernesto.

  1. Okay, raising hand, I laughed my head off at the re-enactment of that phonecall, and then felt really guilty because of the actual content lmao. BTW that food IS pretty, your blog gives me major munchies! x

    1. Hahaha, it could have been worse! They could been like “…No.” And just hung up. :’) & thank you! Although 2am munchies are annoying, so I apologise D:

  2. So, moral of the story is : put the beaters in and THEN put the plug in….. At least it wsn’t an electric carving knife. As your dad about the cartoon that was a family favourite

    1. Yes indeed! I have thoroughly learned my lesson. Oh gosh, yes that would have been somewhat messier… I shall do!

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