So it’s nearly the end of my time here in Nottingham.

And it feels a little strange; feels like I’m rushing. Because there are literally half a dozen places I’ve been meaning to visit, and have always put off, and now I have such a small space of time to squish them all together! But squish I will. Squish I will.

ywllowSo I want to dedicate this post to a particular restaurant located in Lace market {about two minutes walk from the city centre} because I think it’s a glorious venue which is truly underrated and needs a little more love.

The Adam’s brasserie & restaurant is quite an unusual restaurant, because it is run completely by students in the catering and hospitality trade.

The  restaurant itself is located within The Adams building, a very old and lovely part of New College Nottingham.

abbOutside, it’s rather ornate and grand. Inside, the restaurant is modern and stylish.

The lunchtime menu changes on a fairly regular basis, and the restaurant is open a couple of times a week in the evening; always with a different menu, which I just love!

When I dined here, we were choosing from their gourmet menu, but they often have themed menus offering their takes on dishes from all over the world.


We started the meal with a very prettily plated amuse bouche, which included goat’s cheese, carrot, seeds & melba toast. With a little salad and dressing too!

It was dainty and refined and as you can see; rather colourful.

For our starters, I opted for the vegetarian option, which happened to be a wild mushroom and mustard seed pithivier, with spinach and chive dressing. I’m not a huge fan of pastry, but it was beautifully done. Light and delicious. My carnivorous friend opted for the wood pigeon dish, and she made appreciative noises throughout which can only be construed as an encouraging sign.

ab2    ab 2.5

ab4When it came to our mains, again I opted for the vegetarian option available, which just happened to be a risotto. Lemon & thyme risotto, with cheese beignets to be exact. Now being a vegetarian for a good six years; I have eaten many risottos in restaurants as quite often, it’s been the only choice. This risotto however, was the best I have ever paid for. And I’m not even fond of lemon. It was really lovely though, not al dente, but perfectly texture. Cheesy with a tang of lemon, and the beignets were crisp and delightful. Mmm.

ab3My friend had, and loved, slow-cooked oxtail suet pudding, with salt beef and celeriac boulangère.

The meat was perfectly cooked and yeah, she had a good time devouring and appreciating in.

Our pre-dessert came next, and I can’t tell you how much I loved it!

ab5Orange syllabub and crystallised chocolate; it was actually like a lovely, creamy slightly orange mousse, with a chocolate crumble topping. And it was delicious. I mean super delicious. I had to resort to flipping my spoon over so I could scrape the glass clean. And I regret nothing.

And then came the desserts.

You know how I feel about desserts.

   bacon and egg

What’s this? Why, that would be bacon and egg ice cream, pain perdu and caramelised pancetta. Yeah.

Beautiful to look at, and beautiful to eat; my friend was particularly thrilled to have meat in all three courses, aha.

My own dessert was an exotic fruit salad, with passion fruit marshmallow and coconut sorbet.

ab8The marshmallow was so soft, and hot, and gooey. And you know how sorbets can sometimes be icy and flavourless? Not the case here. It was rich and cream and screamed coconut. A lovely, light, and refreshing end to the meal.

So; amuse bouche, starter, warm bread & butter, main, pre-dessert & dessert. All wonderfully presented, all beautifully cooked. Costly, right?



And even adding my pear & raspberry juice, and a hot chocolate with trimmings, it still came to under £20.

And this is why more people need to know about Adam’s Brasserie! The food is just glorious, and it’s easily my favourite restaurant within the city centre. The staff are courteous and friendly and professional- they clearly want to be there, and it’s obvious in their demeanour and their smiles.

So why not take a look at their details, and next time you’re wanting to try somewhere new, give them a go? It’s not something you’ll regret!

Adams Restaurant & Brasserie
The Adams Building
Stoney Street
The Lace Market
0115 910 4510

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