The arch

I was being sarcastic.

This is not a cheerful post.

Because I’ve been writing poetry again, and my poetry is decidedly not cheerful, aha. Fun.

I’m tempted to blog about all the delicious foods I’ve been devouring lately, but I shall keep to a poetry-centre post today, since this is still, technically a poetry blog. *Cough.*

So, for someone whose dissertation was a collection of poetry/all about poetry, you’d think I read a lot of poetry myself, but actually I don’t.

To find a poet whom you truly resonate with is a difficult thing; poetry is such a personal and subjective form that although there might be poems you like by a poet- to find whole collection of poetry by the same author which enthrals and captivates you is a rare and precious thing.

I recently stumbled across the work of Izumi Shikibu, a Japanese poet from the Heian period.

Her poetry is short. Her poetry is poignant. And her poetry is beautiful.

With there only being so many I could find available to read online, I immediately purchased a collection of her works; something which I have never done for any poet.

If The One I’ve Waited For

If the one I’ve waited for came now,
what should I do?
This morning’s garden filled with snow
is far too lovely
for footsteps to mar.

Izumi Shikibu

Honestly, because all of my energy was tied up with writing my novel and then the sequel, I’d written no poetry since my dissertation. But something in Shikibu’s work really set off a creative spark inside, and this past week I’ve been writing poem after poem after poem. It’s been really rewarding to see them spring to life on the page.

I like writing about love, because it’s a big thing to write about. It

So, not cheerful, but hopefully poignant enough to give a little thought.



Not warm,
But sun warmed.
Golden on my back.
And when the clouds form
Like torn cotton
Pulled cotton
Teased and textured cotton;
The warmth drains,
all fades, all mutes
And grey remains.




2 thoughts on “A cheerful post.

  1. As it is, I have always had a problem with poetry in general, especially the way some people really strain to find deep meaning where I just see pretty words strung together in a nice order – which there is nothing wrong with. Having said that, both those poems, yours and Izumi’s are simple and elegant and I LIKED THEM which is a first for me! Keep it going, you’re clearly good at it 😀 x

    1. Yes! I completely agree, there is a lot of bad poetry out there & it’s enough to put anyone off the form in general 😦 Haha, thank you! It pleases me greatly to hear this :’)

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