Two utterly unrelated things you say? Yes indeed!

And yet I have plonked them together in one glorious post. So, let’s hope they compliment each other nicely otherwise you’re in for an uncomfortable read.

I recently had brunch at my favourite local restaurant and it was delicious.

sb1    sb 2

So we started off with a delicious, light, and frothy cherry smoothie topped with a little granola crunch. Served with this came a couple of caramelized cherries which were soft and warm beneath the caramel shell. Mmm.

This was followed by a bowl of homemade granola, yoghurt, dried fruits & nuts. Moreish you say? I agree!

sb 4

The hot course came next, and it was a wonderful smoked ham & cheese omelette, roasted vine tomatoes and the most amazing, indulgent and rich hollandaise. For moi, I had the veggie alternative which was smoked cheese & spring onion.

sb 5

Our final part of brunch came in the form of a maple & pecan pastry, with clotted cream.

I’m not the largest pastry fan, but it was beautifully flaky, with a generous filling to pastry ratio. Warm, sticky, buttery. It was wasn’t exactly, um, healthy. But hey ho.

So brunch deliciousness. Let’s move on to the food festival component of this post, shall we?


 I should start off by saying, I love food festivals. Anywhere where local food producers congregate and show off their goods? Yeah, that’s basically my heaven.

So when I found out that “Taste the best produced in Kent” was being held at Biddenden Vineyards today; miserable weather or no, nothing would stop me from attending and buying and eating everything in sight.

I just kind of wish I’d chosen not to wear a summer dress. But nevermind.


So my parents and I arrived, and we arrived hungry. Which was pretty darn fortunate because there were choices aplenty.

My mother, who speaks Italian, immediately pounced on the Italian food stall. Partially for the delicious spinach Stromboli, but also, I think, because she adores the language wanted to exchange a few words with the stallholder whilst my father and I watched on, amused and bewildered.

ff7          ff1

The stromboli there on the left, and why, what’s that strange orange egg on the right? Aha, well…


Whilst both my parents opted for the stromboli, I leapt at the chance to finally, finally, try arancini!

Essentially a lightly breaded risotto ball, it was filled with sliced egg, peas & cheese.

It was warm and gooey and yeah, pretty much the vegetarian’s dream.

We carried on our wandering…

ff 3And stopped again about 30 seconds later when my mother spied a stall selling tarts, pasties and quiches.

So. Thick.

I mean really, can you walk past such a stack? No. No you can’t.

And so my mother wisely bought a wedge of ham, cheddar and red pepper quiche.


Bear in mind that my mother is French when I tell you she was mightily impressed.

ff1So we continued browsing and trying so many samples, and ended up purchasing some glorious local crisps in, um, five different flavours {including oyster!}, stem ginger in local honey, handmade banana chutney and morello jam. And cake. We bought cake too

Who goes to a food festival and doesn’t buy cake?

In our case it was a simple carrot cake with icing. And although it was lovely and we demolished half of it for dinner, I’m not so sure that it’s better than something I could bake. Just saying. Ooooh, them be fighting words.

So a lot of good produce was to be found.

However, my day, I think, had a highlight; and it came in this tiny pot.


I introduce you to Simply ice cream. Which is simply gorgeous.

This Kent based ice creamy have the most amazing selection of beautiful flavours; ranging from Christmas pudding to lemon curd to honeycomb to vanilla, rum & raisin. So yes. It was hard to choose just one…

Not that hard, though. Because the moment I saw it on their little flavours board, I knew exactly what I wanted and I zoned in.

Brown bread ice cream.


Creamy. Malty. With the crunch of brown sugary breadcrumbs.

There are no words. There was only 125ml of pure bliss.

How lucky for me then, that they sell their deliciousness all over Kent! If you’re not in Kent? Come to Kent! Have some ice cream. It’s all good.


So that’s pretty much how I’ve spent my week, and I think you’ll agree that it’s been spent well.

Next week I have a wonderful afternoon tea lined up! So check back for that 🙂

Until then though~

Have a peek and try not to drool.


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