Because it’s delicious.

For the Crumb:
4-5 slices of brown bread.
100g brown sugar {I used dark sugar, but you can use light or white granulated}.
A tablespoon of melted butter.
For the Ice cream:

400ml Double cream.
3 eggs, separated.

40g/1 sachet Horlicks {optional}.
50g icing sugar.
50g caster sugar.

The Crumb.

Put your oven on at 180c {fan}. Adjust your monocle. You are ready to commence.

So crumble up your slices of bread, either via a processor or by hand. I like to have a little texture, so I don’t grind the bread down to mere crumbs, but try to keep the pieces smaller that your little finger nail in size.

Mix in the melted butter, and the sugar, and give everything a good shake/mix. Pour it out onto foil on a baking tray, spread out, and then pop it into your pre-heated oven. 15-20 minutes, shaking it around every now and then. You want it golden. You don’t want it burnt.

Once done, take it out and put it to one side to cool down.

Onto ze Ice Cream.

Righto. If you’re using the Horlicks {and I would, it adds a great malty base} then boil a little water, and pour it onto the Horlicks powder to make a paste. About 50ml should do it. Leave that for now.

Separate your eggs, and with an electric whisk {You could do it by hand, but I wouldn’t, for I am a mere mortal and my arm would fall off before it ever reached peaks} whisk up your whites until they’re a stiff peak. Gradually add your caster sugar. You should end up with a stiff mixture, not unlike a meringue base.

Add your egg yolks, and fold them in gently {trying not to knock out the air!}

Now, move on to that double cream. Whisk it, slowly adding in the icing sugar. You want it to thicken until it’s at the soft peak stage- so it has soft peaks when you remove the whisk, but hasn’t reached the stiff peaking stage.

If using the Horlicks, fold it in/whisk it in until it’s incorporated in the base.

Fold in the egg mixture, combining both bowls so you have a light fluffy and delicious bowlful of joy.

Once that’s done, grab your Crumbs from earlier and stir those bad boys in. Pop this into an ice cream tub, and then place into your freezer for 2-4 hours to set.

When it’s time to serve, take it out five minutes before so it’s creamy and soft and ready to be devoured by your appreciative selves.

Should yield about a litre.

This stuff is seriously good. It’s light, creamy, so so so creamy, malty and moreish. I was worried that the lack of an ice cream machine would result in a grainy and icy texture, but this was haagen dazs smooth.

So! Super delicious and seriously easy. Seriously; the crumbs? 25 mins. The actual ice cream? 10 mins. The real time is spent waiting for it to set!




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