Lemon curd

It’s super easy folks.

3 eggs.
2 lemons.
100g sugar.
1 tablespoon flour.
45g butter.

Et nous commençons!

Okay, so heat up a pan of water on your stove, and bring it to the boil. Whilst that’s happening, get yourself a bowl and add your eggs, the juice of two lemons and all of the sugar. Whisk it all together.

When your water is bubbling away, pop your bowl atop it in the double boiler method. Be wary of escaping steam, it’s easy to burn your fingers.lemon curd2

When your bowl is settled in place, continue whisking with ferocious determination. You are the boss.

Now it may seem like you’re whisking in vain, because it’s so thin, but persevere! Add in your flour. Keep whisking. Five minutes, ten minutes, maybe even fifteen minutes… It WILL start to thicken eventually. And when it does, turn off your stove, and remove the bowl from saucepan carefully.

Whisk in the butter, and stir, stir, stir until it’s smooth.

Noooooow pour your lovely, golden mixture into a jar/ ramekin/ cup and pop some cling foil over the top. If you drape the cling foil so that it’s actually touching the surface of the curd, this will eliminate a skin forming.

Of course, you might like curd skin {Custard skin <3} in which case, just leave it loosely covered.

It will thicken up A LOT as it cools. So leave it on a counter as it drops to room temp, and then pop it in the fridge for a couple of hours- 2 or 3.

Et voila.

You have deliciousness. This is sweet, but not too sweet, very light, very lemony and citrusy and all round delightful. I don’t love lemons, but I do love this lemon curd.

Have it on toast, swirled into yoghurt, to dip fruit slices into, over porridge, or as you can see below, on toasted crumpets 😉


lemon curd3


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