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Or, more specifically, the chocolate afternoon tea at Chancery court. An all you can eat buffet of patisseries? Yes. Please.

So, many months ago, I read about Chancery Court’s afternoon tea on Chocablog. It was the photos, more than anything, which evaded my heart and took anchor. The patisseries looked beautiful. So. Darn. Beautiful.

I had to visit.

I had to visit!

Now, it’s not quite my birthday, but as an early birthday treat, my lovely Papa booked for us to have afternoon tea there. I’m not saying I love my father SOLELY because he does generous things like this…

But it helps.


So, let me talk you through the experience.

Tea is served 3-6pm, and you enter through the Pearl restaurant, which is just lovely.

We were taken through to the lounge area, where everything was elegant, expensive, and rather classical. Our table was laid out beautifully, and a very amiable waiter sat us down and allowed us to peruse the selection of teas and tisanes on offer.

Soon after we ordered, our tiers of savouries and scones arrived!


Now, I’m a vegetarian, so they helpfully catered meat-free & fish free for moi~

Brioche buns with egg mayonnaise, sandwiches with soft cream cheese & cucumber, pickle & cheddar, and horseradish & beetroot. Fresh, lovely, light.

For the carnivores, twas smoked salmon in the brioche buns, egg mayonnaise brioche buns, ham & mustard sandwiches, beef sandwiches, and soft cheese & cucumber sandwiches also {which I snaffled. Ahem.}

The scones, raisin & plain, were served warm, with homemade strawberry jam and clotted cream. I liked that the serving spoons were tres cold.

So, the scones were light and soft and very good. The sandwiches, moreish and obviously using good quality ingredients.

But let’s face it. We were there for the desserts.

cc 5

These desserts.

cc 6

From left to right:

❤ Hazlenut & chocolate Torte, gold leaf, white chocolate mousse.

❤ A chocolate glazed chocolate mousse, pear & apricot, layered dessert with gold foil and chocolate truffle. {The apricot & praline slice. Possibly my favourite!}

❤ A chocolate cone filled with dehydrated orange, chocolate soil, passion fruit crème, chocolate mousse & with a chocolate rock.

❤ A very thin tart with chocolate ganache, a passion fruit pate de fruit and mini macaron. {Or maybe this was…}

cc 5

And here, from left to right :3

❤ Saffron poached pear, white chocolate crème & chocolate mousse square.

❤ A white chocolate mousse & mango compote.

❤ A religieuse. The bottom choux filled with crème pâtissière, and the top choux filled with a thick chocolate cremeux.

cc raspberry, creme pat, rasp mousse, meringue, macaron

❤ A raspberry macaron filled with raspberry mousse, crème pâtissière and fresh raspberries, topped with meringue & dried raspberries.

cc 2

My first of many plates.

cc 1

The chocolate ganache was like silk.

cc tart

I don’t think that I can eloquently put across how delicate this tart was. The pastry was so thin. So perfectly done.


It was just so rich. Definitely one of my favourites. As was…

cc chocolate glacage, pear, apricot, cremeaux, goldleafI imagine that this entremet was the most technically challenging to create. It was incredible, and a real thing of beautiful- so decadent, and yet incredibly light.

The only one of the eight patisseries I didn’t try, was the white chocolate & passion fruit mousse. But my parents assure me that it was light and refreshing after all the heavier chocolate desserts.

I would have loved to try it myself, but even I, with my sweet tooth, couldn’t handle another bite.

On top of these patisseries, there were many other things we could help ourselves to; chocolate madeleines, amaretti, bags of mendients {we took one home!}, a white & milk chocolate fountain with strawberries, fresh {beautifully succulent} pineapple, or marshmallows to dunk. Chocolate coated nuts, incredibly dense brownie squares, and chocolate truffles. All of the finest quality.

The room was grand, the hotel is clearly one of the finest establishments in a city full of glorious establishments, the staff polite and welcoming and efficient, and the ambience? Excellent.

So. Chocolate lover? Go. You won’t regret it.

Chancery Court
£27.50 per person
Saturday and Sunday, 3pm – 6pm.
Call to book now: 020 7829 7000

cc apricot praline slice


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