Why hallo!

It has been too long. I know.

Where have I been, you ask? Well, where haven’t I been.

Most places.

But I have been doing a fair bit of adventuring these past two weeks, hence my absence. And to make for it, I hope you are ready for a whole lot of blog posts detailing my day to day holidaying as it happened.

So settle down. Get a drink. Some cake. Things are about to get food heavy ❤


Day One in Vienna: Aka The day I ventured through the Naschmarket of dreams.

So, how did I end up in Vienna?

Well, we set off at 3am, on two hours sleep, got the 7.45am flight, landed at Vienna’s rather snazzy airport before pulling into our hotel- the Hotel Erzherzog Rainer at about midday.

Obviously, my parents and I were all exhausted.

I still dragged them straight to the Naschmarket. Because it’s awesome and was ten minutes away on foot. Score.


Now for those of you who have no idea what I’m on about, I shall explain: If you looked on a map of Vienna, the Naschmarket is the huge space of deliciousness. It’s a massive market, specialising in local produce and all manner of exotic goods, as well as restaurants and just general foodie heaven.

As you can see above, they have great troves of chanterelles and for the seafoodies amongst you, it’s a lovely sight.


I really wanted to try Jackfruit whilst I was there! But I didn’t manage too- worry not though, I ate many other things. Many, many other things.

3So, we wandered around and took in all of the colours and smells and basically made ourselves super hungry.

En route into the centre, we passed the Café Museum, and so we decided that it was as good a spot as any to eat our first Austrian lunch.

A pretty building {although, as you will see, pretty much every building in Vienna is a pretty building. The place is opulent.} with old timey-uniformed waiters and a classic theme throughout, we took a table outside and ordered.

The Carnivores {Mother and Father, respectively} went for a burger sandwich, with a glorious meat patty and a boat of sweet pickle mustard.


And the ‘farm sandwich’, which was smoked ham, gruyeres and sweet pickles on a delicious rye bread.


I myself opted for posh eggs on toast- scrambled eggs, onions, and a LOT of local chanterelles on rye bread. It was really, really beautiful.


Full, we upped and continued our way into the city centre; just a brief look around at the shops and where some of the major establishments are.

We happened to be in Vienna during a heatwave, so it was between 34 and 40 degrees. Hot, basically.

After exploring, we returned to our hotel for a little bit of a siesta- my parents napped. I watched The Simpsons in German.

I don’t speak German.

Hey ho.

When it was a little cooler outside {Like, 32 degrees, aha.} we hunted down a restaurant for dinner- Gasthaus Pfudl, which is pretty near to the Cathedral.

It was super busy, but we managed to snag a table outside.

Being our first meal in Austria, the Carnivores obviously went for Veal Schnitzel- which is the most Austrian of Austrian dishes.

It’s basically thin slabs of meat, breaded and fried. And it came served with another classic Austrian dish- potato salad {but not as you know it.}

When the salad arrived, looking beautiful and enticing~


My father looked at it, like a sad puppy which has been kicked in the face.

“That’s…not a lot.”

He picked up his fork, and started prodding it.

Then he realised that the potato salad was the side dish. And that the schnitzel had not been cut up and hidden beneath the greenery.


The schnitzel was served a moment later.


Two pieces. Each the size of a small continent.
He perked up then.

I went for parmesan gnocchi, with summer vegetables in a cream sauce. It was rather delicious.


We were rather full, and so we left without dessert.

However, on the way home, after passing Zanoni & Zanoni- one of the more popular ice cream parlours in Vienna, we decided that actually, we weren’t REALLY full at all. Ice cream could be had. Huzzah!

And so, the night, and our first day in Vienna, ended with Café and Maroni ice cream.


Stay tuned for Day Two, coming tomorrow!

Places mentioned:

Hotel Erzherzog Rainer.
Wiedner Hauptstraße 27-29  1040 Vienna, Austria
Café Museum.
Operngasse 7  1010 Vienna, Austria
Gasthaus Pfudl.
Bäckerstraße 22  1010 Vienna, Austria
Zanoni & Zanoni.
{Locations all over the city}

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