Day Two in Vienna: Aka The day I saw a lot of cutlery.

But not just any cutlery. No, no. This be Royal cutlery.

After a very heavy breakfast {oh, buffet breakfast; of course I am going to devour everything in sight. What is this self control you speak of?} we set off into the centre of Vienna to visit the rather large and super grand Hofburg Palace.14

There, we bought a combined ticket and spent too much time looking at the thousands of pieces of priceless china and cutlery and my gosh, the amount of gold plates and jugs and tiny forks…I left suitably bedazzled.

Afterwards, we went up to visit Sissi’s apartments.

Who is this Sissi of which I speak?

Bamn. 13

Elisabeth of Austria, a fascinating woman who led a fascinating life- but not, I think, a happy one.

The rooms were beautiful; think grandeur, think opulent, think truly extravagant.

The museum detailing her life was very well done, and it certainly gave insight into a part of Austrian history which was previously unknown to me.

When we left, I had a quick look in the gift shop. Because I’m a girl who likes pretty things.

How. Gorgeous. Are. These?


Lovely little locket watches! If I didn’t already have a pretty watch, then I would have spent my whole jewellery budget on one of them, I swear.

Ahhhh. Sigh.

In the afternoon we headed down to the Kunsthistorisches Museum, which is a beautiful old building turned art gallery. My father has a love for Bruegel, and there were a lot of them on display in the exhibition, so we spent a good hour and a half having a look around.

By the time we were done…it was time to feast!

Okay, not feast, but time to eat.

We chose a restaurant called Zum Kellergwölb; namely because it looked nice, had a decent selection of vegetarian dishes, and we were too tired to search elsewhere.

We took a table outside, enjoying the breeze and ordered up.

The Carnivores opted for another Schnitzel {Oh Mother} which came with lovely parsley potatoes.


And salad. It also came with salad. You know; for your health.

And Papa opted for another Austrian speciality; the goulash. In this case, it came with pickles and potatoes and rich meaty sauce.


I went for egg dumplings- Also known as Spaetzle! {Little sparrows, aww}, which came in a creamy sauce and scrambled egg {They like their eggs in Austria}.


I ordered an additional potato salad because, you know, I like potato salad.



It was filling; and perfect after a long, long, day of walking around and gawping at resplendent furnishings.

We needed an early night because Day Three…was excursion day.

Stay tuned for Day Three, coming tomorrow!

Places mentioned:

Hofburg Palace {The Imperial Palace}.


Kunsthistorisches Museum.


Zum Kellergwölb.

Seilerstatte 13, Vienna 1010, Austria


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