Day Three in Vienna: Aka The day I got owned by a step.

Yes, step; singular.

But we’ll get to that.


So the day started early, and by early, I mean like 9.30am. Which meant a quick breakfast {quick, but not small. No, I still ate my bodyweight in scrambled eggs} before waiting in the foyer for the minibus to pick us up and take us to the departure point- all included in CityRama’s tour package.

We’d opted for the Mayerling tour because it meant leaving Vienna behind and seeing the mountainous terrain around her, as well as hearing and learning about some Austrian history.

Mayerling is famed for “The Mayerling Incident”; a tragic murder-suicide which took place in 1889 with the Crown Prince Rudolph of Austria, and his 17 year old lover, Baroness Mary Vetsera.

IMG_0947It took about half an hour to reach Mayerling. Although always known as a hunting lodge, the place is a small palace. It’s grand and imperial and very Austrian.

The bedroom where to two bodies were discovered is a chapel now, and after paying a visit, we passed through a small museum about the families involved.

When we boarded the coach, the next stop was the very old Heiligenkreuz Monastery- medieval in some parts. Home, in fact, to the tombs of the Battenberg Dynasty.

As we walked through this monastery, there were some steps.

I am not good with steps.

I somehow fell off the last one and landed in a really undignified pile on the stone floor.

Everyone looked at me. My father looked at me. My mother looked at me, let out a cry that only mothers can make when they see their child sprawled and injured. She leapt at me, attempting to help me scramble to my feet.

Which of course, just made more of a scene. My father sidled away to disassociate himself. Smart man.


The next {and last} stop on the tour was an awesome one; Seegrotte- the largest underground lake in Europe.


It was thoroughly enjoyable, and our tour guide- who used the phrase “Ladies and gentlemen” 30 times in the space of fifteen minutes, was possibly the most cheerful man working in a grotto I have ever met. And yes, that includes multiple Santas.

When we returned to Vienna, twas midday. And that meant time to eat.

Time to eat cake, my friends.

I had a list, you see, of places I needed to try; and first on that list was Demel.

At  €4.80 to €5.50 a cake, they aren’t exactly cheap. But they sure were delicious.


There was a fifteen minute wait for a table, but it was worth it; we were seated upstairs, sitting in a parlour which exuded grandeur. From the chandeliers to the adorable waitress uniforms.

My mother chose the biggest cake on show; the Fischtorte. A pie, essentially, layered with poppyseed paste, chestnut purée, cinnamon apples and damson jam. Lovely.


Papa went for chocolate. Quelle surprise.26

The Annatorte, it was orange liqueur flavoured with chocolate mousse layers and elaborate chocolate decore on top.

He liked it.

But my cake was the star of the show.

This, this beauty, is the Shockobombe.


You are looking at an entremet; hazelnut sponge base, chocolate mousse, crème brûlée vanilla mousse, chocolate glacage and gold leaf.


To take away, I bought myself a slice of Dobos Torte; mainly because it’s something which has been on my radar for the better part of a year, and before I try to make one, I want to see how the experts do it.


Well. They do it well.

So, you’d think that with all that cake, we wouldn’t be wanting a big dinner, right?


We went to a restaurant of my choosing; Zum Bettlestudent.

The prices were cheap. The portions…

Oh the portions.

Carnivore One {mother} went for the lumberjack potatoes; potatoes au gratin {a bucketload of cheese} with lardons and a fried egg. And a salad. Salad makes it all better.


Papa went for goulash with an egg, sausage, meaty meatiness, a pickle and a giant dumpling. The dumpling was epic.


And for me? Well; I think if I had seven of these bad boys in a row my heart would probably give out.

Käsespätzle. This be Spätzle laden with cheese {I think emmental}- and I mean LADEN WITH CHEESE. And cream. And fried onions.35

Ahhh. Tomato slice. My heart thanks you.

I didn’t know, when I ordered it, that it would:

A: Have more cream than a creamery.


B: Be bottomless.

Therefore, I ordered a potato salad too.


I have eaten my fair share of huge meals. I have feasted. I have buffet’d. This is the only time where I know I pushed myself too far.

By eating it all.


So. That was day Three!

Stay tuned for Day Four, coming tomorrow!

Places mentioned:

Mayerling, via CityRama.

Heiligenkreuz Monastery.



Kohlmarkt 14, Vienna, Austria   (Innere Stadt)

Zum Bettlestudent.

Johannesgasse 12, Vienna 1010, Austria   (Innere Stadt)


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