Day Four in Vienna: Aka The day I observed genuinely disturbing artwork and ate kimchi.

Possibly one of the most easy going and enjoyable days in Vienna, this day started relatively late. A nice lie in. A nice breakfast. And then a nice, casually paced stroll off to the Belvedere art galleries at around 10.30.


The Lower Belvedere is devoted to the more unusual. The kind of art which will haunt you long after leaving. In particular, for me anyway, the piece by Giovanni Segantini called “The Bad Mothers.”

I looked at it, looked away, then looked back. It’s set in a bleak, pale, rocky dessert. A woman flailing from a tree, child to her breast. And then in the background you see that all these trees- all these crooked, knarred trees, have women attached. Each one complete with child.


Don’t worry though! All was not so disturbing; I fell in absolute love with Eduard Veith’s works. Very pretty, feminine, works of nymphs and beautiful faces and fabrics. Ahh. Show me a pretty dress and I will swoon.

So, after we had taken in our fill of art, twas time to take in something considerably more edible. Like ice cream.


In the 40 degree heat, it took us a long time to find this ice cream parlour. But boy, was it worth it. Not only the best ice cream in Vienna- but I actually think it tops what I had in Italy as well…

So, eating my pistachio, walnut and mou mou {that’s caramel-peanut!} scoops, we ambled through the city centre, back towards our hotel, admiring all the pretty shop displays whilst doing so.


A crystal shoe too feminine for you? Okay. Here. Be the manliest of men.

43Don’t you hate it when creased shirts get all ruffled? Never fear! You can now be the high flyer you were always born to be!




OH. Oh. Yeah. False alert guys! It is a bird.

… Shall we move on to radish salad?38

Because that’s what this beauty is. Along with a red bean mochi, I happily devoured my non-Austrian lunch, in my hotel room, reading a good book. The most ultimate of guilty pleasures.

It kept me nice and content until dinner time.

And by dinner, I meant cake.


Café Mozart baby!

Another must-do on my list, I was super hyped to try the deliciousness which is their cakes.

…Sorry, looking back, that sentence was too hip even for me.

Anyway; lovely cakes.

Mother had the most summery of choices; the apricot torte. Layered sponge, apricot mousse, cream mousse and apricot jelly/jam.

40It was just so light.

Father was saddened by his choice. To which I take personal offence to because I picked it. Geez! It’s cake!

I think he was just disappointed in the portion size- not huge. But the cakes were very rich, so, yano.

Anywho, he had the Nougat torte.

Chocolate sponge, a light chocolate mousse, a thin cream mousse and then chocolate glacage.

39And I, as you all can see, went for the house speciality! Mozart torte.

Chocolate sponge, chocolate cream, pistachio cream, more chocolate cream, more pistachio cream, and a chocolate disk.


At €5.50, these were, yes, the most expensive cakes we tried in Vienna. Probably worth a visit for the grandeur and opulence of the café- but as lovely as the cakes were, they weren’t my favourite!


Korean, Japanese, and Chinese food is popular in Vienna. As a girl who comes from a small coastal town in Kent; kimchi is something I have longed to try, and yet never had the chance too.

Well, I’ve tried it now.

One word. Two syllables.


I’m actually pretty sure I left damage in my hotel room from where my mouth exploded.

It was good though. But then, isn’t everything good when eaten with chopsticks?

Stay tuned for Day Five, coming tomorrow!

Places mentioned:

The Belvedere.

Gelateria Hoher Markt.

Hoher Markt 4, Vienna 1010, Austria   (Innere Stadt)

Café Mozart.

Albertinaplatz 2, Vienna, Austria (Innere Stadt)


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