Day Five in Vienna: Aka The day I saw a red panda. And cried tears of joy.

So, day five, a glorious Sunday, began early. Twas to be quite the full day: Schönbrunn Palace in the morning…

And Schönbrunn Palace Zoo in the afternoon.

Where they have red pandas.

Red pandas, guys.

Can you contain your excitement? Ouais? Bon.


So Schönbrunn Palace is beautiful. I mean it’s a seriously exquisite piece of architecture. The audio tour takes about an hour, and gives you a little info about each of the absolutely stunning rooms. No two are the same, and yet they are all as excessively extravagant as the last.

Once the tour was over, my parents had a little wander around the grounds whilst I went and did something infinitely more awesome:


Strudelshow time!

So basically, the Palace are pretty darn famous for their delicious apple strudel, and every hour, you can pop on down to the kitchen and for a little fee, try some strudel and watch a demonstration on how it’s made.


The whole show is only about fifteen minutes, but it’s well worth doing. The staff were super lovely, and it was in English as well as German.


Now, I wouldn’t actually consider myself a strudel advocate, but my my, this strudel was delicious. The pastry was so thin, you could actually read small leaflet print through it. The drunken raisins were moist and plump. The apples, all cinnamony and moreish…


Ahhhh. Strudel. You converted me.

So. Content and blissfully strudel’d, I met up again with the parents, and we ambled through the grounds towards the Zoo.

At €14 for adults, and €7 for under 18s, it’s not super cheap, but you could probably spend a good three-four hours there. Plus, there’s a lot of shade, and everything is rather close together so there’s not too much walking, waking, walking, WHEN DOES IT END?, walking.

50Most importantly though, the animals seem genuinely well cared for, and the enclosures are quite generous, which is always how it should be.


Why do penguins always frown at me?


Now those of you who have read my 10 days in Prague series,

{and for those of you who haven’t, voila~, don’t say I never do things for you <3}

You will know that when I visited Prague Zoo {Yes. I like my zoo trips} the red panda proved to be an elusive little scoundrel. I spied a flash of red and nothing else.

And I died a little inside.


Which is why, when I saw this little beauty, I squee’d. I squee’d until the darn cows came home.


I needed to cool off with ice cream, naturally.


Ahhh. That’s better.

So, full of ice cream and joy, we left the Zoo behind, boarded our tram, and headed back toward ze hotel for a rest before dinner time.

And what a dinner it turned out to be.

We were tired, and it looked like there was going to be a thunderstorm {and there was later that night, I’m talking serious lightening here} so we decided to go to an Asian place not too far from the hotel, en route into the city centre.

Wok & more! A buffet, where you pop the deliciousness onto your plate, and the chefs cook it for you.

And whilst they do their thang, you can help yourself to the little appetisers.


The bread dumplings in particular where awesome. Like a savoury mocha, coated in sesame seeds, with a red bean paste filling. Ahhh. Yes.

56My mother maintains that she does not like sushi. She tried sushi. She likes sushi.

Knew it.

57This was just one of my many plates of food. As you can see, I went heavy on the cloud ear mushrooms. I love them. So much. It’s pretty much:

  1. Red pandas.
  2. Patisseries/Ice cream.
  3. Cloud ear mushrooms.58

In the ranking of my heart.


The desserts were also surprisingly pleasant.

But then, tiny little plates of sweet things always are, aren’t they?



Stay tuned for Day Six, coming tomorrow!

Places mentioned:

Schönbrunn Palace.

Tiergarten Schönbrunn.

Wok & More.

Karlsplatz 1, Vienna 1010, Austria  (Innere Stadt)





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