Day Seven in Vienna: Aka The day I found the best ice cream, and the best cake, of the holiday.

I am telling you right now folks, if you’re visiting Vienna, be sure to fit these two spots into your stop.


So our last full day in Vienna was one of the most easy going ❤


A late breakfast, before a late morning, super casual, stroll up into a part of Vienna we didn’t know. Not before journeying through the Naschmarkt again though. I wanted more photos ❤


Our place of destination was the….bear with me… Hofmobiliendepot. Aka: the Imperial Furniture Collection.

Basically, all the things they couldn’t fit into any of the palaces~ voila! All in one spot.

So, a lot of chairs. But also many things about the popular Sissi films which were made decades ago, and an exhibition on Maximillion of Mexico.

If you buy a certain ticket at the Sissi apartments, it’s free to visit the Hofmobiliendepot and I would recommend it- simply because it was deserted, air conditioned, and really close to like a second city centre with awesome shops and…

The best ice cream parlour in Vienna.

I said it.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting, Paolo Bortolotti.


Perched there, in my delightfully delighted fingers is a cone piled high with walnut, pistachio, coffee and poppy seed. It was huge. It was incredible. And it was €2.90.

The pricing system is weird because you don’t pay for scoops but for pot/cone size, therefore even with the smallest size you can have many flavours- just less of them 😉


Hazelnut, blueberry, raspberry and mango there. All incredible. All creamy. All just perfect. Trust me when I tell you it’s worth the twenty minute walk from city centre. Trust me.

So, we headed back to the hotel after a little light shopping and more perusing through the Naschmarkt. At which point, I stopped in at one of the shops and bought myself this little gem.

A Punschkrapfen. Sponge with crumbs, nougat chocolate, apricot jam and then absolutely soaked in rum, before being coated in pink icing- “punch” cake.

It wasn’t the most amazing thing I have ever devoured, but as an Austrian staple in the treat department, I’m super glad I managed to try one.

It kept me content until dinner cake time anyway.

And what a cake time it was…


After a quick visit inside the cathedral we went to, what I can only describe as, the cake shop of dreams.

Gerstner café. The last stop. The best of all the cakes.


Not only were, at €3.80, the cakes considerably cheaper than Gerstner’s in town rivals, but they were just so incredibly delicious.

Father opted for the walnuss torte. Probably because it looked the biggest.

It was a smart choice though; nutty, warmed through with warming spices, and with the creaminess layering though. Just, yes.


Being the daring scoundrel she is, Mother opted for the Ohne torte- that’s poppy seed to you and moi.

Rich. Dense. Moist. Glorious.


I took a long time deciding my own choice, before finally selecting the fanciest cake on show.


The Klimt torte; as glamorous and art deco as The Kiss.

Moist, light sponge, light chocolate mousse, chocolate glaze, marzipan, and golden crisp flakes. And a funky medallion.


Can we all let out a collective sigh?


Ahhh ❤

So, that was my week in lovely Vienna.
Stay tuned for Day One in Florence!

Places mentioned:


Wienzeile, Kettenbruecke, Vienna 1040, Austria

Hofmobiliendepot {Imperial furniture museum}.

7 Andreasgasse, Vienna 1070, Austria (Neubau)

Paolo Bortolotti {Ice cream!}.

Mariahilferstrasse 66, Vienna 1070, Austria

Gerstner Café.

Karntner Strasse 13 – 15, Vienna 1010, Austria (Innere Stadt)


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