Day One in Florence: Aka The day I arrived, and found someone with an epic sense of humour.

Or rather, I found traces of them.


So the flight from Vienna to Florence was super easy going. We flew with Air Niki, a German airline and plane with had propellers on show. You know. Like in the 70’s.


But I’d bought a nice chunk of apple strudel from the airport, so I was pretty oblivious and content. Also, they served out packets of mini choco leibniz, and thus secured a place in my heart.

And then, when we were getting off the plane, they further secured that place by handing out physical chocolate hearts- the size of your palm- as a parting gift.

All this complimentary food? You can say that I fully recommend Air Niki for future flights.


So when we arrived, we took a taxi towards the town centre and settled in at our hotel.

Una Vittoria.

Without a doubt the best hotel I have ever stayed in. It was seriously like something from the future, but in an awesome way. Not, like, a District 12 way, but a totally Capitol city sense {Hunger games reference there for you folks in the know}.

So yes, it was awesome. And huge. And my gosh, after a week without air conditioning, to be in a cool, cool room was blissful.


So, after literally chilling out for a while, we hunted down the Tourist information, ate ice cream, returned back to our hotel, and then went out for dinner.

As you can see, en route, I happily snapped shots of someone’s delightful handiwork. Now, I’m not saying I support vandalism…

But come on. These are hilarious! And I had a grand time, hobbling around from sign to sign, admiring the alterations, aha.




We went to a restaurant down the {long} road from the hotel to the Ponte Vecchio, called Il cantinone.

It was a tres traditional restaurant, set up inside an old cellar. Being underground in a domed stone tomb, you’d think it would be cool, but non, it was still super hot.

Not that this effected my appetite.

Mother and I both went for the crespelle; rolls of thin savoury pancake, filled with ricotta and spinach, baked in a tomato and béchamel sauce.


The lone Carnivore of the night {Father} went for the house speciality; an al dente pasta served with a three meat ragù.


Ahh. En route back to the hotel, we passed our local ice cream parlour, and so to end the night, I had myself a little pot of coffee crumb and Mr Peanut ice cream.


And so, that was le premier jour~ finished.

Stay tuned for {a far more interesting} Day Two in Florence!

Places mentioned:

Hotel Una Vittoria.

Via Pisana 59, 50143 Florence, Italy

Il cantinone.

Via Santo Spirito, 6r, 50123 Florence, Italy


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