Day Two in Florence: Aka The day I discovered glorious ice cream, courgette tortilla and overpriced ravioli.


So, after a nice egg-filled breakfast at our hotel, we set off into the heart of Florence.

The day began early, in the Mercato Centrale; a two floored indoor market, full of beautiful local produce and bustling with life.


As well as a huge variety of fruits, vegetables, dried pastas, fresh cheeses, charcuterie, fish etc, there are also lots of little eateries offering fresh dishes at cheap prices.


Unfortunately none of us were hungry when we visited. I had to make do with snapping photos. Le sigh.


After buying a few bits and pieces for my brother, we left the market behind and headed through the huge leather market.

I managed to resist buying a several handbags, but I did come away with a beautiful little watercolour scene of Florence by an artist who was painting right there, next to the church.


Starting to feel a little peckish {…succumbing to greed}we decided to track down one of the ice cream parlours on my list.

Perche No! Easy to find, cheap, and without a doubt, the best ice cream I tried in Italy.

What made the ice cream so spectacular? Well, the flavours for a start.

Father here, had lavender {delicious}, saffron {delicious} and coffee crunch {you guessed it, delicious}.


Whilst I went for cassis cheesecake, peanut, and mousse of coffee. Oh my. Heavenly.


They turned me into the happiest of bunnies.


We headed back to our hotel for a siesta, stopping en route at the Trattoria Migrana di Coppini, a lovely little deli with a really traditional feel.

14I bought myself a lovely slice of courgette tortilla, which was salty and delicious, and much enjoyed with a glass of cool water and my kindle.


For dinner, we went to a restaurant which wasn’t far from the hotel- one we passed every time we headed in and out of town, called Il Santo Bevitore.

Now, we didn’t have reservations, and were very lucky to get a table just as they were opening.

After being seated and taking a look at the menu, Mother opted for the fresh pasta with rabbit ragu and olives.


Father joined me on Team Vegetarian for the night, choosing beautiful burrata {a lovely mozzarella} on  bed of spinach.


And I went for burrata ravioli, with red pepper pesto & breadcrumbs.


Now the food was nice, but not incredible, and the portions were truly measly. €12 for four ravioli, not including the coperto charge, meant that I felt it to really be overpriced.

I was sad.

So I had some ice cream, and I was sad no more.

I opted for pistachio, intense chocolate, and amarena cherries & cream.


And Papa went for caramel pana cotta, intense chocolate, and fruits of the forest.


A happy ending for Day Two.

Stay tuned for Day Three in Florence!

Places mentioned:

Mercato Centrale.

Piazza dell Mercato, Florence,

Perche No!.

Via Tavolini 19r, Florence, Italy

Trattoria Migrana di Coppini.

Via di Santo Spirito, beyond the arch, left hand side.

Il Santo Bevitore.

Via di Santo Spirito, 64r, Florence, Italy




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