Day Three in Florence: Aka The day I ate pizza in Pisa.

Three days into my Italian trip and no pizza? Outrageous. Something needed to be done about that, and so something was done indeed.

22So, we got up rather early and took the hotel’s shuttle service into town- conveniently for us, we were dropped off right at the train station.

Florence to Pisa via train only takes fifty minutes and the carriages were air conditioned, but that’s about the only good thing I can say about them. They honestly make English trains look like the orient express.

But I digress; the train pulled in at Pisa around midday, and we headed towards the infamous leaning tower.


You could look at my terrible job of lining up with the tower, or, you could look at the leather clad chaps behind me, doing some glorious poses of their own instead.

I know which is a better focal point for your attention.

So after doing the whole tourist thing, we headed over to the lovely cathedral which is literally right next to the tower, and went inside.

My favourite little bit of Pisa was definitely found here, looking up, with the beautifully gilded ceiling.


I loved the ceiling; it was worth having to wear a paper smock to gain admittance for {to cover bare shoulders}.

After, we found a little café and I bought myself a magnificent slice of pizza.

I had high expectations. Because this was Italy. Pizza is supposedly glorious in Italy.


And it was pretty good.

Not the best pizza I’ve ever had, but a generous size for €2.40 in a tourist hot spot.

That being said, I found that away from the tower and cathedral, Pisa wasn’t busy or touristy at all- in fact, it was really quite small, and I was surprised to come across the little department store which we found.

We found that three and a half hours was the perfect amount of time to spend, and we caught the 3.30pm train back.

After having a delightful cappuccino, we headed towards the hotel, stopping off en route at Trattoria Migrana di Coppini for another slice of their delicious tortilla.

This time, however, I went for the potato, onions and tomato one.

It was, if anything, more lovely than the courgette tortilla.

Later, we went to dinner at my choice of restaurant- the Trattoria Angiolino, which was just down the road from the hotel.

Very quaint and super rustic it was brimming with locals- always a good sign.

The Carnivores went all out on the meat front, with Mother ordering a spaghetti dish with tomato sauce and bacon lardons.

The spaghetti was delicious; thick like shoelaces.


Father went for the gnocchetti with gorgonzola and sausage.

Teeny tiny gnocchi basically, half spinach and half potato, in a lovely creamy sauce.


And I went for a risotto.

Now, in England, I eat risotto a lot. Often because it’s the only vegetarian option available on a menu. It’s normally okay but nothing spectacular.

This risotto however…

Radicchio, red onion, and smoked cheese.


It was really lovely. Not too al dente, not too soft; the grains were perfectly cooked and it was incredibly moreish.

I can’t honestly say that I was hungry afterwards, but I still ordered dessert. Because that’s how I roll.

And I did have to be rolled away afterwards.

You think I’m joking, but I’m really not.

Ahem, now, my Papa went for the vino santo- a sweet wine with twelve little pieces of cantucci- a local speciality, hard and almond based, like a biscotti.


I went for a panna cotta with pistachio sauce.

29It. Was. Incredible.

The best panna cotta I have ever eaten! The sauce! THE SAUCE.

Let me tell you about the sauce.

I assumed it was a caramel, but non, I was assured by the waiter that I assumed wrong; it was made of pistachio too, and it was glorious.

I would absolutely recommend this restaurant just FOR the dessert. The fact that all of our mains were also delicious is just a super bonus.

So, that was day three. A full day. A good day. A tiring one.

Stay tuned for Day Four in Florence!

Places mentioned:

Trattoria Migrana di Coppini.

Via di Santo Spirito, beyond the arch, left hand side.

Ristorante Trattoria Angiolino.

Via Santo Spirito 36/r, 50100 Florence, Italy


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