Day Four in Florence: Aka The day I got acquainted with a lion.

A stone lion. Several stone lions. The Florentines like their feline beasts carved in stone, you know?


So after a hearty breakfast, we set off on foot towards the Pitti Palace; An ex palace turned art gallery.

It was impressive, and the rooms which had been restored to its original décor and filled with fine pieces were incredibly opulent.

However, the art on show were mainly religious pieces, and I think that, in the whole gallery- even taking the more modern pieces into consideration- I probably only really liked two or three pieces.

Still, we were there for a good three hours, and when we left and headed back to out hotel {fortunately, only 15-20 mins on foot}, I stopped off at the supermarket for a snack.

And by snack, I mean cake, obviously.

In this case, it was a selection of petits fours from their patisserie counter.


And you know, for supermarket picks, they were pretty darn good!

Little choux filled with Zabaglione, another with hazelnut cream, a custard tart topped with strawberry, a cream on flaky pastry base, and a heavily, heavily soaked rum baba.


We went out into town early evening, and for dinner headed to a bar which offered an aperitivo from 7pm.

An aperitivo, by the way, is a super cheap way to eat in Florence. For a set price, you get a beer/soft drink/cocktail and all you can eat from a little buffet selection of antipasti like foods.

At Sei Divino, our spot for the evening, this cost €7, and there was no coperto charge on top of that. Very cheap.

So, what does €7 get you? Well, I had a banana milkshake, Papa had a beer, and my mother had a coconut cocktail.

Foodwise, there were two different kinds of pasta, sliced baguette with garlic butter and sundried tomatoes, with chopped tomatoes and parsley, with paté, with creamed mushrooms etc, various salads and dressings: simple fare.

Basic, very basic, but nice enough for a cheap supper.

We left full, and just in time to catch the fading rays of sunlight as they slipped into the mauve and salmon clouds.


And that was day Four.

Stay tuned for Day Five in Florence!

Places mentioned:

Pitti Palace.

Galleria d’Arte Moderna | Piazza Pitti, 50125 Florence, Italy

Sei Divino.

Borgo Ognissanti, 42/r, Florence, Italy


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