Day Five in Florence: Aka The day I went to Lucca. And on an unrelated note, bought a sandwich the size of my face.

So, with it being a Sunday, and thus, a day of rest throughout most of Italy, we decided to catch a train and do some more exploring outside of Florence.

Our destination of choice was Lucca, a walled town from the renaissance period, and home of the great composer Puccini.


We travelled via a double decker train, which was marginally better than the trains to and from Pisa {although, is that saying much? No} and the journey took about an 1h20.

When we arrived it was close to midday, and so the obvious first stop was of course ice cream.

We chose Grom.

Now Grom is a popular ice cream name throughout Tuscany- the Grom in Florence is never empty. And on top of that, my dearest friend who was in Italy earlier in the year told me great things about Grom. Thus, my expectations were high.

We tried a whole range of flavours between us.

Father going for Sicilian lemon, coffee, and crema de Grom.

Mother went for her usual fruity array, with raspberry, blueberry yoghurt, and baccio- a hazelnut, chocolate kiss!


And I, of course, went for rich and decadent flavours, opting for nougat, coffee, and hazelnut.


For €2.70, our three generous scoops were pretty darn nice. And although Grom wasn’t my favourite ice cream in Italy, it certainly wasn’t my least favourite either!

Let’s face it though: All ice cream I came across tasted damn fine.

We spent about three hours in Lucca, taking in the Cathedral and the wide cobbled streets and tall buildings, before catching a mid afternoon train back to Florence.

Pulling in late afternoon, at about 4pm, we headed back towards the hotel, stopping off at a pasticceria.

I bought a snack.

A snack, the size of my head.

38This beast, filled with mozzarella, heirloom tomatoes, and salad on a beautiful focaccia was €3.


Happy times, my friends, happy times.

I’m trying to find out the name of the pasticceria where I bought it, but for now, let’s just call it The glorious Pasticceria.

UPDATE: It’s called La Palagina.

So, a few hours later, when it was time to go out and eat, I wasn’t exactly super hungry. But it was pizza time, so I had a talk with my stomach, and decided that there was definitely room left after all.

Dante’s Pizzeria was bustling and very busy when we arrived, but we still managed to snag a table before it filled completely.

Father went for the Gionochi- smoked prosciutto, smoked cheese, and porcini mushrooms.

Which I assure you is here, hidden beneath a bed a rocket {why do restaurants do this?}


Mother also exalted her carnivorous streak, with a salami, ham, and frankfurter pizza.


And I went for olives, mozzarella, mushrooms and artichokes.


I know. I know what you’re thinking. Because you’re thinking what I was thinking when it arrived.


I looked beneath the mushrooms. I looked beneath the artichoke {singular}.  I looked beneath the seven olives.

But non.


There was no cheese to be had that fine day.

To be fair, the pizza was nice, and the dough was thin and thoroughly enjoyable.

But I like cheese. And thus the lack of cheese saddened me.

But there would be much cheese the following day…

Stay tuned for Day Six in Florence!

Places mentioned:


Via Fillungo, Lucca, Italy

La Palagina. {The glorious Pasticceria mentioned}.

Via Santo Spirito, left hand side heading towards the arch, absolutely tiny.

Pizzeria Dante.

Piazza Nazario Sauro 12, Florence, Italy


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