Day Seven in Florence: Aka The last full day in Tuscany!

Ah. So here we are. The last day of the holidays. How better a way to spend it than by filling it with food and jewellery? 69 So, after a later breakfast, we headed towards to Ponte Vecchio with the sole aim of my buying something pretty with the fleur de lis on it. As the emblem of Florence, it’s everywhere; on the buildings, flags, manhole covers, uniforms, doors… And it’s a very attractive shape. And it has French roots. Therefore, I really wanted to find a nice little piece of jewellery with the fleur incorporated into it. And it was pretty easy to do so; I came away with a little white gold fleur de lis pendant and a huge smile on my face. A smile which only grew when we immediately went to get ice cream after the woman in the jewellers told us of her favourite gelateria haunt. 63 I had a scoop of mousse Ferrero Rocher, and custard cream. And although the textures of both were good, the mousse was definitely the better of the two. 64Papa had chocolate mousse and peanut. I can vouch that both of which were delicious. Because I snaffled a lot. Because that’s what I do. 65My mother went for cantaloupe and raspberry which were super refreshing and rather funky colours. Ahh. In good spirits, as we were wandering around Florence for one last time, we happened to come across this delightful fellow.


Now, I don’t know about you, but when I come across Cupid standing behind his podium, blatantly the smart thing to do is approach him.


And pose for snaps.

You’ll have to excuse my face in the next photo. Just focus on his. His glorious, glorious visage.
me and cupid

Isn’t that a thing of beauty?

I loved him. I especially loved how he went on to pose with a middle aged man, and spent their time together fiddling with said man’s combover.


So, on the way back to the hotel, we called in at two places.

The first is somewhere I haven’t mentioned yet- simply because we literally went there every day. Every day.

There’s a little café in the Via Santo Spirito, called Buonamico

Now I say little, but it was actually pretty big. And I say café, but they also served full meals as well as panini, cakes, pastries and snacks.

In our case, we stopped in every afternoon for a cappuccino or some other coffee based masterpiece.


Now, the first time we visited, it was honestly such a scorching hot day, we just wanted to sit inside a nice, air conditioned, cool place where my father could check the cricket scores using free wifi.

As we passed Buonamico en route back to the hotel, we decided to pop in for a ridiculously cheap cappuccino {the only place we spotted in Florence where you could have one for a euro, that’s for sure}.

And in that moment, a habit was formed.

We went back, as I said, every day- partially for the cappuccino, but mainly for the two people running the place. Without a doubt, one of the loveliest sets of people I have ever met.


About ten minutes on foot from the Ponte Vecchio, literally down a straight road just along from the river, it’s so easy to reach and find.

If you’re ever in Florence, I absolutely recommend you take the time to seek out this café, because it really did put a cherry atop of our holiday. Some people are just born to interact with others all day, and you won’t find a friendly pair of people in Tuscany.


I wanted to a snap a shot of them with my parents on our final morning, when we paid them one last visit.


So, that was the first stop, the second?

You guessed, it, back to The glorious Pasticceria, La Palagina.

I bought some more incredible pastry seashells filled with the thick custard cream-like filling, called Sfogliatelle.

As well as something a bit more unusual…


A rice cake of sorts; baked into a pastry base, filled with orange scented, rice pudding and shaped into a dome, this was filling and delicious.


And I do mean filling. Did it spoil my appetite for dinner though?

Oh dear reader, have you learned nothing?

No. No it did not.

We chose to go back to our favourite restaurant of the week, which was Day Three’s Ristorante Trattoria Angiolino.

My mother so enjoyed her dish of spaghetti thicker than your average cable and bacon, that she ordered it again.

71Usually I don’t approve of ordering things more than once when there are so many other options to pick from, but the cheese involved made it acceptable in this situation.

Papa had a schnitzel {because having, like, four in Vienna wasn’t enough to meet his schnitzel quota for this holiday} with a courgette and blue cheese topping, as well as some spinach.

And salad. How do I always overlook the salad?

70 I had an aubergine, mozzarella {the primary motivator for my choosing this dish, not going to lie} and tomatoes baked in the oven, topped with parmesan {the secondary motivator}.


So, that was how the last day was spent; easy. Relaxed.

Getting home however…

That is a story for another day.


Places mentioned:


Via Santo Spirito 46{ish}, right hand side heading towards the arch, and very easy to spot with the bright yellow sign.


La Palagina. {The glorious Pasticceria mentioned}.

Via Santo Spirito, left hand side heading towards the arch, absolutely tiny.

Ristorante Trattoria Angiolino.

Via Santo Spirito 36/r, 50100 Florence, Italy





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