My apologies, it’s been a while.

Basil pastry cream & blueberries.

Mainly because I’m an exceptionally boring person.

Butterscotch & marmite brownies.

So, this time last year I was starting my final year at university. Life was okay. I was getting on with my dissertation, writing a lot of poetry and spending more and more time in the kitchen.

And then one September afternoon, I had an epiphany of sorts. After an afternoon of making marzipan truffles, it occurred to me that the hours had, quite literally, gone by in a flash. And I realised that baking made me happy. Baking was what I enjoyed, and what I wanted to do with my life.


Of course, at the time, this realisation made me rather sad, because it was immediately followed by “Well. Unfortunately I’m studying a course which has nothing to do with the culinary world. And I can’t waste my degree now.”

I basically thought I’d left it too late, and that I would end up in some sector in the publishing world and that would be my future.

That was September last year.

dad 1
Walnut brownie & cappuccino mousse.

Between then and now, I finished my degree, graduating with a first, as well as the University Prize for best average in my school, gained a little experience working in a café {and am currently thoroughly enjoying it} and enrolled in a whole new adventure for the next six months.

This coming Tuesday, I will be starting my Diploma in Patisserie at Westminster Kingsway College.

I am terrified, and terribly excited, and hungry to learn.

It seems really crazy that it’s finally happening when, a year ago, it was just a pipe dream really. I have never in my life taken what I consider to be as much as a leap of faith as this course. My university degree was all about writing, and I knew I could write.

Can I bake?

We’ll freaking see.

muffins 3
Sweet basil & strawberry muffins.

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