So, I’ve started my course at Westminster and I AM STILL ALIVE FOLKS.

It has been an incredible {almost} two weeks and I am loving every single moment of my patisserie diploma.

Thus far, we’ve been dabbling in the basics, so allow me to run through in a nice and concise manner, what I’ve been making this past week.

Bread, fougasse
Monday, bread day, saw us baking fougasse. Which are nice and crusty, and super French.

Bread sticks
As well as olives, parmesan & oregano breadsticks. {Also, some rustic soda breads, but alas, I am photoless in that department.}

lemon tarte, clasic 2
Tuesday was spent in the pastry kitchen, making a tart au citron then playing around with presentation. We went for a classic look~ with raspberry coulis and crème fraiche.
Lemon tarte, contemporary 1
And contemporary. Raspberry coulis, pistachio, and freedom to present the dessert as we wished.

lemon tart, contemporary 4

I can’t even tell you how much fun I had.

Chocolate transfers

Wednesday was spent in the chocolate lab, tempering and toying with transfer sheets. I, um, shattered mine intentionally? Yes. Intentionally.

In the afternoon, we were in the lab lab, learning about proteins and why/how they work. Science, folks, can be pretty darn interesting. When food related.


And finally, Thursday was spent, once again, in the chocolate lab, where we table tempered, and made some chocolate bars. And bunnies. Or bunny pops, as I insist they be called.

So. Yes.
All is good.


6 thoughts on “Westminster.

  1. Hey…nice blog.. Hope you keep it up as I’m also interested in doing this course. Do you know if they accept people with no professional experience? Enjoy and good luck!



    1. Hi Jason!
      I can tell you right now that the vast majority of people on my course have no professional experience- myself included really! When applying, they’re looking for people with passion and potential- so as long as you love being in a kitchen, then you’ll be fine 🙂


      1. Awesome! Well I definitely have the passion, my flat mates waist lines can attest to that.

        Another question. Do you have any idea as to whether this course is more advanced than say the NVQ/ABC college qualifications at level 3? What I’m thinking is if the extra money in fees is going towards the time factor, a 6 month fast track course instead of a minimum year and a half to get a level 2 and then 3? Or is the instruction and overall quality and resulting experience/qualification just a lot better? Or a combination of the two? Do you have any thoughts on this?

        This course just seems awesome so I’m going to apply anyway.


    1. Aha, stalk away! And speak for yourself madam. Do you have any idea how AMAZING your website is? It is SO professional; the layout design and photos are incredible, so chic and pretty and the writing is perfectly pitched! You can’t write? LIES. I have every intention on using your carved pepper recipe to perk up my Halloween! LOVE.

      Very nice to meet you also! I shall have a fun weekend ahead of trawling through your recipes and probably saving the vast majority to my hoarded collection :’)

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