It’s not Eminem. Sorry to disappoint.

macaron 2
but YES. It is I. After a, um, brief absence. Of sixth months. Plus another month. I have returned.

So, what has occurred during our time apart? Many things, my friend.

Remember how, during my last post, I was enjoying my course and Christmas abroad and life was all good and chill and generally quite relaxed?  Yeah, no.


As my holidays finished, the new year began and the end of my course grew ever nearer. I had exams and final projects and basically got to spend a good month playing with chocolate and creating a centrepiece that had ALL THE COLOUR IN THE LAND.


My theme, which was pretty darn convoluted, but hey, was Tea and Salt. Along with the centrepiece, a little chocolate seascape, I also presented petite fours, which, incidentally, were damn fine.


As you can see, my University years were not wasted.  FOR I AM MASTER OF FONT AND LAYOUT.


I had other exams. Having to make many things in an allocated space of time. Including breads, pastry, plated desserts and petite fours. Twas okay. I passed, and in April graduated! What?! It happened so quickly, no?


Ahhh. Simple times.


After my graduation, I was unemployed for a whole six days before my new job kind of began.

During those six days, I found and moved into, my relatively new and current flat. Which I love and was tres lucky to find. Because do you know how hard it is to find somewhere not bad to live in London at a price which will not make you weep tears of total remorse at night? It’s hard. Some of the places I saw…no. Nope. Sorry. Don’t even want to re-live it for a moment.

So. I moved. Settled in. And then my induction began, with all the other chefs, as at the time, the restaurant hadn’t yet opened.



Yup. Simon Rogan’s Fera. Simon Rogan is an ultimate hero of mine, and having the opportunity to see his creating of dishes up close is something I will never forget. The kitchen was a dream, and the food was truly beautiful. But as a fresh and pretty inexperienced chef, I knew that I needed to get some seasoning {culinary pun, lol} elsewhere, and so, after a little under three months or so, I left.

Slept for three days. And then started my new job as a pastry commis in another beautiful London hotel, where I am currently working and absolutely loving.

star 2


And so, during large chunks of this period, I just didn’t have the time or energy to write a thing. I spent my days off sleeping, and eating Ben’s cookies.

But now I LIVE. And I’m a happy bunny. So, stay tuned. For more posts shall be coming, as I have neglected my camera and my words for far too long.


Much love.



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