A city of many, many things. Although, admittedly, I haven’t actually seen most of it. Yet~

So I’ve been going solo here for a little over four months now and, basically, the only parts of London which I’ve experienced have been the maaaaany foodie joints I’ve frequented with friends. And Soho. I love Soho. Where else can you get a haircut, a massage, and a bubble tea all in a five minute radius?

poppies 2

It’s super important to have good friends here, otherwise I think the boredom and isolation would pretty intense; in a city with so many people, it’s easy to feel alone. Fortunately, most of my friends work weirder hours than I do, so we can work things out.IMG_2060

Also fortunately for me, they’re all foodies too so basically, even though I spend five days a week in a kitchen, the other two days are also food based. Or drink based. Or sleep based.

An ideal two days will include all three.

In other news, twas recently my birthday. Yes indeed, I turned 22. I feel old now. I’m pretty sure I’ve aged a good decade in the last year, and it’s time to accept that I am an adult. Which is why I should have more than cereal in my cupboard.

poppies 3

Looking through my first posts of this blog, I see how much I’ve change over the past three years. I want to say for the better? Yah, I’m going to say for the better. I used to be super introverted and socially awkward to the extreme. Now? Now I’m kind of like a puppy. Happy to see people all the time, and enjoying nothing more than to be around the people I love.

Being a chef is stressful, and hard. It’s made me grow up and realise that it’s important to make time count. It’s important to live, and say yes, and to overcome the little things. Shyness used to dictate my life, and that will never happen again. It’s good to smile, and to embrace things which come your way. Carpe diem and all that jazz.poppies 5

So, that is my news. I will continue to work, and spend my free time with friends, K pop, and my camera.poppies4


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